5 Best Rides & Attractions You Must Try at Lotte World, Korea

Visit Lotte World, the best theme park within the city of Seoul!

If you are looking for entertainments and fun things to do in Seoul, try a visit to the most popular amusement park in the city, Lotte World Theme Park, or Lotte World.

Located in the eastern part of Seoul, this amusement park consists of the world’s biggest indoor theme park “Adventure”, which is open all year around, and an outdoor amusement park called “Magic Island”.11702839_1148278028519996_663443362699815953_nAlong with its thrilling rides, Lotte World offers a variety of performances and festivals all year around as well. 🙂eng_mapMoreover, the amusement park is very convenient to reach since it’s connected directly with Jamsil subway station (Line 2). For a map and detailed directions, click here.

For first timers, here we have picked 5 best rides and attractions you must try in Lotte World. Check them out now! 🙂

1. Atlantis

Atlantis is probably the most popular ride in Lotte World. It offers an ultimate thrill when it rapidly soars 20m height at the speed of 72km/h and plunges at an angle of 72 degrees!11221702_1183925144955284_979241707672114440_nAs Atlantis is the most popular roller coaster in Lotte World, the queue line can get very long. So we strongly advise you to get in the line as soon as you arrive at the amusement park!

2. Flume Ride

12107819_1183925458288586_79840006312896057_nIf you are going on the Flume Ride, be prepared to get splashed! With a jungle theme, you’ll feel like you’re exploring the Jurassic Era and get thrilled when the 4-seat log boat plunges into the waterfall. Don’t forget to smile and pose when you see a photo point!

3. Camelot Carousel

CM0255_3_kmainVisualCamelot Carousel is an iconic attraction in Lotte World. Though it may not offer you a thrill, it offers you memories of childhood and a romance! Go ahead and enjoy the dreamlike ride with your beloved ones.

Plus, this is the best spot for taking photos, so keep in mind. 😉

4. French Revolution

11219062_1186438181370647_2987706316980873916_nWatch out when French Revolution roller coaster rotates 360 or 540 degrees! Your head will spin after the ride, but it’s totally worth riding it!

5. Gyro Swing

bg_hn1Last but least is the Gyro Swing! Sitting on a huge spinning wheel-shaped vehicle, you’ll be able to feel the utmost thrills when the aerial view of Seokchon Lake and the surrounding area lays out in front of your eyes.

Now, are you ready to have some fun and scream? Go ahead and plan your visit to Lotte World with your friends and families!

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Where to Visit in Seoul During Korean Lunar New Year 2017, Seollal

Happy New Year! Can you believe 2016 is officially over? Neither can we!

2017 is the Year of the Rooster and Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year, or ‘Seollal’ in Korean, which is one of the biggest holidays in Korea. This year, Seollal is from the 27th to 30th of January.

Instagram Photo by bom.bastica

During the holiday period, many Koreans head back to their hometown to see their families and pay respect to ancestors. As most people head out of Seoul during this time to see their families, the city that is usually bustling with people becomes a lot more peaceful and quiet.

Also, many businesses including major department stores and small local shops close during the holiday period. But don’t be in despair as travelers (or you!) can find and partake in Seollal events at many tourist attractions and destinations within and around Seoul.

Check out these destinations where you can celebrate and make the most of your trip during the Korean Lunar New Year holiday!

1. Theme Parks

South Korea’s three best theme parks, Lotte World, Everland and Seoul Land are open during the Korean Lunar New Year and they offer various attractions and winter-themed events like sledding, light shows and parades.

Lotte World is holding a special parade where performers wearing colorful “Hanbok” (Korean traditional costume) will play traditional Korean instruments as they sing and dance. Seoul Land.jpgSeoul Land is also hosting a Pond Smelt Festival consisting of a sledding slope, fishing area, indoor children’s playground and food trucks selling delicious food.

2. Korean Royal Palaces

seollal-korean-lunar-newyear-9If the royal palaces are somewhere you’ve been meaning to visit, Seollal is the perfect time to go. Four of the royal palaces in Seoul (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung) will be open and will showcase different programs for the guests.seollal-korean-lunar-newyear-8Programs include traditional rituals and games, activities that you can participate in and performances like the famous “changing of the guards” ceremony with the palace as the perfect backdrop. You can also have an in-depth tour of the Korean royal palaces here.

3. National Folk Museum of Korea

You may perceive museums as mundane places, but head to one during Seollal and you’ll find that it’s actually quite fun and exciting!seollal-korean-lunar-newyear (7).jpgDuring Seollal, the National Folk Museum of Korea, located in Gyeongbokgung Palace offers a range of hands-on programs and exhibitions such as arts and crafts and traditional folk games for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

You can try playing Korean traditional games like “paengichigi (top spinning)”, “jegichagi (hacky sack)” and “yutnori (a board game where you throw sticks)”.

4. Namsangol Hanok Village

Instagram Photo by take_picture_by_y

The Namsangol Hanok Village is a collection of five traditional Korean houses from the Joseon Dynasty that have been restored. As part of the Seollal festivities, here you can register for various experiences involving Korean traditional percussions, folk songs, games and more. It’s sure to be a lot of fun!

5. Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village is also hosting Seollal events such as folk games and traditional Korean music performances.

Instagram Photo by young4130


There are also performances like tightrope walking, horseback martial arts and role playing by actors donned in makeup and outfits that make it look like they’re from the Joseon dynasty.

Have a private tour to the UNESCO-designated Suwon Hwaseong Fortress and Korean Folk Village in one day here.

6. National Gugak Center

The National Gugak Center is a place that preserves and promotes Korean traditional music and performances.

Instagram Photo by yangban.rocker

During Seollal, there are special cultural performances about the history of Korea that are both educational and entertaining!

Other destinations to visit during Seollal holiday in Seoul

Other major tourist attractions that are also open during the Korean Lunar New Year holiday period include COEX Aquarium, N Seoul Tower and Myeong Dong Nanta Theatre. All of them are easy to reach by subway and they are truly wonderful places to visit with your family and friends and have a great time together.

So, what are you waiting for? Do try a visit to one of these spots during Seollal!

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Best Places to See Christmas Lights in Seoul and Busan

The end of a year is always the time for festive spirit and celebrations. Korea is not an exception – in fact, it’s probably one of the best destinations in the world to celebrate Christmas!

There are so many festivals and celebrations at this time of the year that the list goes on and on. This blog will attempt to cover just a few of them that are happening in Seoul and Busan.


Here are some of the best places to see amazing lights and get into the holiday spirit in Seoul!

A. Christmas Lights & Fun at Theme Parks

1. Lotte World: Christmas Miracle 

Period: 11.12.2016 ~ 12.31.2016

Lotte World, the only indoor amusement theme park in Seoul will hold a Christmas festival with a theme, “Christmas Miracle,” until December 31. In addition to the rides that are available at Lotte World promises to bring an amazing show with a variety of characters and performances throughout the evening.

The highlight of the festival is various special zones set up outdoors and indoors. Outside there is the “Castle of Miracles” where you will be able to see a beautiful light show and indoors there’s the “Miracle Santa Village” where you can take photos at the snowman photo zone.

You can get a discount ticket for Lotte World here.

2. Everland: Romantic Illumination

Period: 11.24.2016 ~ 12.31.2016

Everland is possibly one of the most famous and largest amusement parks in Korea. Held until December 31, the Christmas Fantasy and Romantic Illumination guarantee a fantastic display of lights and fireworks that are sure to let you immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit.

The highlight is the “White X-mas Parade” starring Everland‘s Christmas character such as Santa and Rudolph dancing to delightful carol songs. The parade will take place once a day from December 18.

For convenient transport options and discount tickets to Everland, check out this link.

3. Seoul Land: Christmas Party

Period: 11.17.2016 ~ 12.25.2016

As Korea’s first ever theme park to be built, Seoul Land is definitely one of the most established and popular amusement parks in Korea.

This year’s festival is called “Santa Run” and will be held until December 25, featuring various special performances and gift donations. One of the highlights is a performance where Ebenezer Scrooge and a pack of wolves try to ruin Christmas for Red Riding Good and her friends of the Character Village.

Fathers will also get a chance to win special gifts for their children by participating in the Santa Run.

For discount tickets to Seoul land, click here.

B. Christmas Taken to the Streets

1. Sinchon Christmas Market & Sinchon Christmas Street Festival

Period: 12.21.2016 ~ 12.29.2016

Sinchon is “the” place to be for youths. The area, in close proximity to 4 major universities (Yonsei, Ewha, Sogang and Hongik), is a famous hotspot for street performances, great food and shopping. You’ll be able to enjoy everything from thrifty shopping to joyous caroling to free concerts from December 21 to 29 around the area. Street performances will mainly be held near Hyundai U-Plex Mall near Sinchon Station.

If you’re planning to visit Sinchon, make sure you check this out for the 20 must-go places in Sinchon!

신촌을 못 떠나

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2. Myeongdong Lights Festival

Along the famous shopping district of Myeongdong, awe-inspiring Christmas decorative lights have gone up!

Take note however, especially during Christmas Eve, this place gets jam-packed. Try to avoid at all costs, and visit it another day (usually the Christmas day itself is less crowded than Christmas Eve).

C. Fabulous Christmas Events & Performances

1. Universal Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’

Period: 12.16.2016 ~ 12.31.2016

A Christmas classic, the world-renowned Universal Ballet presents Tchaikovsky’s classic holiday performance of “The Nutcracker.”This family-friendly winter performance will run from December 16 to 31, 2016 at the Universal Arts Center in Seoul. 

2. Merry Chri Sound Festa

Period: 12.24.2016 ~ 12.25.2016

Held on Christmas Eve and Day, the Merry Chri Sound Festa is a festival where you will be able to enjoy music from artists of all different genres.

There’s everything from rap to pop to indie to EDM! The line-up includes artists like Beenzino, Glen Check, Hoody and many more! It’s sure to be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas! Grab your tickets here before they’re all gone!

D. Christmas Vibes Near Seoul

1. Garden of Morning Calm: The Lighting Festival

Period: 12.02.2016 ~ 3.26.2017

Spanning 82 acres, the Garden of Morning Calm boasts the largest collection of herbs in Korea. There are also areas themed after the Italian city of Venice and a French farm.

The different colors of the garden harmonize together to create a beautiful, picturesque scenery. There are 30,000 lights of all colors  illuminating the garden that will look amazing in photos!

Enjoy your visit to the garden and also explore the beautiful tree-lined paths of Nami island and enjoy a rail bike ride in Gangchon by signing up this tour!

2. Pocheon Herb Island: The Lighting & Illumination Festival

Period: 11.01.2016 ~ 12.31.2016

Friends, families and lovers can make precious memories together at the Lighting & Illumination Festival in Pocheon which is full of LED lights that make the place look like something out of a fairytale.

#일상#데일리#데이트 #포천#허브아일랜드 #불빛동화축제 불이 #반짝반짝

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There is also an area called “Santa’s Village” with a 300-meter long tunnel full of wishing cards that you can take a walk through.

Visitors can also entry hands-on programs such as herbal candle and soap making, pressed herbal flower arts and crafts, lavender pillow crafting and more.

Take an excursion to the Herb Island in Pocheon with ease by simply hiring a private van for your group. For details, click here.


The range of activities and festivals you can find outside of Seoul is definitely much more limited, but Busan is the second most populous city in Korea after Seoul, and there are definitely many festivals that can rival those in the capital. Here are some that you should definitely check out if you’re in Busan:

1. Busan Christmas Tree Festival

Period: 11.26.2016 ~ 01.08.2016

The Busan Christmas Festival in Nampodong has been going on for 6 years in a row and has been making its name known as one of the biggest festivals of its kind in Korea.

The annual Christmas Tree Festival will feature a myriad of festive and family-friendly holiday activities including the tree of wishes, various street performances, and a photo and video contest. On top of the daily cultural and Christmas concerts, local visitors can also participate in the festival’s popular carol singing contest.

The festival is free and open to the public and will be held until January 8.

If you want to enjoy a dazzling winter holiday trip at Busan Christmas Tree Festival this year, join this overnight tour! You can book your trip here.

2. Haeundae Rockgo Lighting Festival

Period: 12.02.2016 ~ 2.12.2017

View the colorful lights by the seaside in Haeundae, Busan at the Haeundae Rockgo Lighting Festival! This year there is a love story theme with special events held for couples.

The main event is an SNS event, where if couples upload a photo of them at the festival, one of them will be chosen at random every week and receive an 18 karat couple ring.

There will also be street busking performances every Friday and Saturday to add some joy to people’s days as they walk by.

3. Illumia Light Festival

Period: 11.01.2016 ~ 12.31.2017

Launched at the Let’s Run Park in Busan, the Illumia Light Festival is essentially a theme park full of colorful and shining lights.

Aside from large lit-up life-size figurines all over the park, there is also an area with ground light illumination and a musical fountain show where images are projected onto the water.

Enjoyed reading our blog? Stay tuned for more travel updates and happy holidays!

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Where to Go in South Korea During Fall for Each Type of Traveler

It’s October, which means that fall is finally here! The pretty colors, sweater weather, sipping hot drinks, cool breeze… need we say more?

Garden of Morning Calm (3).jpgIt’s also the best time to visit Korea as the weather is a far cry from the disgustingly sticky and humid summer. Instead, it is cooler and drier, but still quite warm and sunny.

Take a look at some of these options tailored to four different kinds of travelers planning to come to Korea! Which one are you?

1. Traveling All By Yourself?

If you’re traveling alone and looking to meet and hang out with new people, sign up for a group tour like the Fall Foliage Small Group Tour. You’ll get to meet and interact with other travelers just like you while admiring the rich orange, yellow, and red fall foliage and breathing in the fresh fall air!  The tour staff also all speak English, so communication won’t be a problem at all!

If you’re too lazy to leave the city and still want somewhere peaceful to explore on your own, head to the World Cup Park. Built to commemorate the 17th FIFA World Cup in Korea, this park is made up of five smaller ones. Haneul Park is the most popular of them, with 22 lookout points offering stunning views of Seoul, Namsan, Bukhansan, and Gwanaksan Mountain. Best of all, it’s free!

So get your camera and selfie stick ready to click lots of photos to upload to your social media to let all your followers and friends instantly know how much fun you’re having on vacation.

2. Lovey-dovey Couples

If you’re a couple, you’ll be happy to know that Korea is an absolute HEAVEN for couples. There are a bunch of romantic spots all over Korea. Jeju Island is one of them, with stunning autumn views that make it the perfect destination to enjoy a romantic vacation.

The Jeju City Tour Bus offers a low-cost way for you and your other half to comfortably explore the main attractions on the island!

Nami Island is famous for its beautiful scenery and for being the filming site of the 2002 hit drama, ‘Winter Sonata.’

Bask in the nature and peacefulness of this beautiful venue by strolling around hand-in-hand along the tree-lined paths and exploring various museums, art galleries, and handicraft workshops. The Nami Island Shuttle Bus and Ticket Package will get you to and from the island with ease. Click here to check out more awesome Nami Island tours!

#송도빛축제 집앞인데 끝나기전 부랴부랴 보러오기

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Finally, for a romantic date night, check out the Incheon Songdo Light Festival and Seoul Lantern Festival. The light festival features a light rose garden full of 20,000 LED roses while the lantern festival lights up the Cheonggyecheon Stream spanning 1.2km. Perfect for taking a romantic stroll and taking cute selfies! You can participate in activities like lantern-making and writing on a new year’s wish paper too!

3. Fun For the Whole Family

If you’re looking to have some great family fun in Korea, look no further. Chuncheon, a lakeside city located about an hour away from Seoul is absolutely gorgeous during the fall.

Thanks to this Seoul Vicinity Tour 4 in 1 Package, your whole family can enjoy four of the most popular destinations here. You can visit not only Nami island but also rail bike at the Gangchon Rail Park,  explore the lovely french style village called Petite France, and see fragrant flowers at the Garden of Morning Calm.

If you’re an active bunch and enjoy exploring nature trails, places like Seoraksan National Park and Naksansa Temple are great options. Seoraksan National Park is one of Korea’s most beautiful places, home to the third highest mountain in South Korea. Here your family can see abundant wildlife, hot springs, rock formations, and ancient temples.

Naksansa Temple is one of them, boasting a  1300-year history and serving as a place of prayer and meditation with pristine natural surroundings. It also offers a magnificent view over the East Sea.

4. Adventure Junkies

October is the month of Halloween, which means it’s time to bring out the costumes and face paint and get ready for some fun!

#서울랜드 #좀비런 추웅데…😭 #좀비#할로윈#분장

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The Zombie Run is perfect since you can actively participate in it, rather than simply just walk through a standard haunted house as people try and scare you. Choose from two different levels of difficulty, ‘normal’ and ‘hell’. If you’re feeling daring and fearless, go for the ‘hell’ package, which has more complex rules and scarier zombies.11813247_829724363802041_5633861595135009242_nYou’re dead once the zombies steal all 3 of your ‘life’ flags, so run as fast as you can and don’t look back. 14068203_1053289454778863_5548238847947211171_n.jpgFor all you party animals, the official after party is held at Club Made in Itaewon, so head on over afterward to dance till the sun comes up.

아이디어좋아 #빨간회전목마 #호러할로윈 #롯데월드나이트파티

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If you’ve wanted to try staying at a theme park after closing time, check out the ‘Night Party with Zombies‘ at the Lotte World theme park. There are various events to enjoy and fourteen different attractions, four of which are decked out in a Halloween theme. The highlight is the concert, with this year’s fantastic line-up of singers and rappers ready to fire up the stage.


A post shared by 임주영 (@narim77) on

Whatever kind of traveler you are or want to be, Korea has got something for you to enjoy doing! So what are you waiting for? Plan your fall vacation now and get in one last getaway before the year ends!

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10 Reasons Why Seoul is an A+ Travel Destination for Families

Traveling with kids can be exhausting and challenging, but if you choose the right family-friendly destination, your family holiday will become a blast!

With that said, consider taking a family trip to Seoul, one of the most children-friendly cities in the world. Here are the reasons why.

1. Clean and Safe

CC0-photo-1931As one of the safest and cleanest cities, Seoul is a fabulous destination to travel with kids. It is relatively safe to take a walk and stay out late at night, and you can spot Korean police officers patrolling the streets very often.

Public restrooms are clean and they are usually built with a diaper changing station and seat protector that will make your life tremendously easier.

2. Foreigner & English-Friendly

-경부선-이정표-사진-CC0photoTraveling within the city of Seoul is very convenient as the signs are written in both Korean and English and many tourist information centers are installed all over the city.

Many of the stores and shops have either names or signs in English, so finding a way to your desired destination will not be a problem.

3. Super Convenient Public Transportation System

2617434347_e60b805251_o (1).pngWidely praised for remarkable public transportation system, subway, buses and trains in Seoul are fast, readily available and punctual. You can even track your bus or subway via transport apps in real time!

When the seats are full, take your kids to the ends of the subway car where the reserved seating for pregnant women, elderly and young children are.

Though it can be hectic when you take a subway in major stations like Hongdae, Gangnam and Myeongdong, otherwise, the public transportation system in Seoul makes traveling with your family very convenient.

4. Easy Access To International Cuisine

eat-916697_1920Seoul is a global metropolis that accommodates diverse cultures, so it’s not difficult for you to find an international cuisine across the city. Head over to Itaewon, for instance, a neighborhood where many foreign residents live and the restaurants are run by foreigners. Here, you can enjoy your meal feeling just like home!food-1390425_1920

It will be great if all of your family members enjoy the local foods, however, if your kid is a picky eater, give them a treat like ‘Bingsu’, a shaved ice dessert. No kids can deny this irresistibly delicious dessert! 😉

5. Authentic local experiences that are family-friendly

crystal_illuminated_salt_room_img02.jpgLet your children experience an authentic Korean culture by taking them to ‘Jjimjilbang,’ or a Korean sauna. These jjimjilbang complexes usually feature bathhouses, spas, outdoor pools, cinemas, snack bars and many more that offer families both relaxation and entertainment.IMG_1417.JPGOne of the most famous jjimjilbangs in Seoul is Dragon Hill Spa. This place provides clean and quality facilities as well as foreigner-friendly services that other saunas do not typically offer.2129195274_14c20e2578_o.jpgIf you’re not keen on jjimjilbang, ‘Noraebang (karaoke room)’ can be a great place to spend the best time with your kids as well. While your kids are singing and dancing, YOUR stress will be gone, too!

6. Home to parks, nature & green spaces

여의도 (5)Seoul is a city that has a plenty to offer when it comes to family parks and green spaces. The Han River Parks are the most iconic picnic areas to enjoy a family day out. Play catch or frisbee with your child at one of these parks or teach your child how to ride a bicycle. 19222188030_ac01eaa995_b

한강 유람선Cruising through the Han River on a ferry is also a great option you may want to do with your whole family. The Han River Ferry Cruise runs day and night, click here for the details.

See Luxury Yet Affordable – Lunch & Dinner Buffet on Han River Ferry Cruise in Seoul.


7. Plenty of indoor activities to enjoy on a rainy day13738532133_41515642c5_b

12592187_1226160534065078_5301235642028771551_nDon’t let bad weather ruin your family holiday! On rainy days, try a visit to Lotte World, the best indoor amusement park in the city.

Featuring plenty of thrilling rides and attractions, Lotte World offers a fun-filled day of excitement for all ages. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

See more South Korea’s Best Amusement & Water Parks.

However, if you are a parent looking for more relaxing (of course, fun) activity to do with your kids in Seoul, visit COEX Mall.

It is the largest underground shopping center in Asia. It also offers a stroller service and nursery rooms, so jot this down. 😉IMG_7540

Above all the entertainments COEX Mall offers, you and your family should visit the famous COEX Aquarium, which showcases 130 exhibition tanks and 90 breeding tanks of wonderful marine life and sea creatures.

Let your kids get up close to the tanks or have fun with friendly sea creatures at the touch pool. 🙂MTL_담수터치풀02

8. Festivals all year round!

3510467544_d0b1021a71_bThroughout the year, Seoul city holds various cultural and seasonal festivals and events for both locals and foreign visitors to take part in and celebrate.

From performances to hands-on programs and activities, Seoul is definitely the best travel destination for families to visit all year round.22053346470_bdc9b44fa0_b

9. Free attractions for kids


Traveling with kids in Seoul can be expensive, but you can find some fascinating attractions around the city where you can save some money, because the admission fees for children are FREE!

Children’s Grand Park, for example, is a fascinating place that offers utmost fun. It has a zoo, botanical garden, a variety of performances and many more entertainment options. Plus, children under 5 years old are free of charge! But do note that you can be charged at other facilities inside the Children’s Grand Park.14049141476_ccf7722cbd_b.jpgDeoksugung Palace is another awe-inspiring attraction in Seoul where children under 7 are free of charge. Among the five grand royal palaces in Seoul, it is the only royal palace where you can find western style buildings inside the complex. This is also where the Changing of Royal Guards Ceremony take place as well. For more info, click here.

10. Traditional & cultural experiences that will expand the horizon of your child’s perspectives

23734736236_7bc1a52741_bDo you want your children to understand and appreciate diverse cultures? Then you must let them experience the Korean traditional culture firsthand! Here are a few to try.3355-hanbok-rental-18Stay a night at ‘Hanok’ or a Korean traditional house in Bukchon Village in Seoul, one the most popular neighborhoods in the city, with an authentic traditional atmosphere. Or rent and try on a Korean traditional dress called ‘Hanbok‘ for a day.

Some other traditional and cultural experiences that your family can try are a Korean cooking class and a craft experience with a Korean traditional paper called ‘Hanji‘ which will spark your child’s creativity! For details, click here.

Now that you’ve read this blog, give your children the best travel experiences and memories they will never forget in Seoul.

Before you and your family hop on a plane, visit Trazy.com, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, which will help you make most of your family trip in this awesome dawesome city of South Korea, Seoul.

See Top 9 Awesome Dawesome Family Fun in Seoul.
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