Caribbean Bay Water Park Discount Ticket Promotion for Foreigners Only on Trazy!

Trazy  Caribbean Bay Water Park

Option 1: 40% Off Caribbean Bay Ticket

Caribbean Bay, the most popular water park in Korea, offers 40% discount tickets only for foreigners via Just make sure you buy your tickets online in advance!caribbean-discount-ticketCaribbean Bay discount tickets are available here.

Option 2: 30% Off Caribbean Bay Ticket & Shuttle Bus Package

Don’t worry about buying your tickets and finding your way from Seoul to Caribbean Bay in Yongin City. Simply book this ticket+shuttle bus package!caribbean-ticket-shuttle-package.jpg

Option 3: 50% Off Caribbean Bay Q-Pass

If you buy Caribbean Bay Q-Pass (Express Pass), you can simply skip the long queues at the water park’s best attractions like Mega Storm on weekends or during high season.caribbean-qpassYou can buy Caribbean Bay Q-Pass here.

Option 4: Caribbean Bay Private Van Package

This Caribbean Bay Private Van Package offers a convenient pick-up and drop-off service and a comfortable ride to Caribbean Bay from Seoul.caribbean-private-vanFirst time visiting Caribbean Bay? Check out our 3 Must-Try Rides & Attractions at Caribbean Bay Water Park in Korea.


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Everland Discount Ticket Promotion for Foreigners Only on Trazy!

Trazy Everland

The Best Offers Just for Trazy Users

Option 1: 40% Off Discount Ticket

Everland, the biggest theme park in Korea, offers 40% off discount tickets only for foreigners via Trazy.

With Trazy, you can also book Everland discount tickets instantly and effortlessly.

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Option 2: 40% Off Discount Ticket & Shuttle Bus Package

Save time on your research and just simply book this all-inclusive package that includes a ticket and a shuttle bus ride for Everland.

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Option 3: 50% Off Everland Q-Pass

If you get Everland Q-Pass or Express Pass, you can simply skip the long queues at Everland’s 5 best attractions – T Express, Safari World, Lost Valley, Panda World and Amazon Express.everland-qpassIf you are planning to visit Everland on weekends or during high season, getting a Q-Pass is highly recommended. Buy Q-Pass here.

*Trazy is the official ticket seller of Everland Q-Pass.

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Option 4: Everland Round-trip Shuttle Bus Only (Seoul ↔ Everland) 

For those who need a ride to Everland from Seoul, book this round-trip shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus departs from three locations in Seoul: Hongik University Station, Myeongdong Station and Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station.

Please make sure to book Everland shuttle bus service in advance.everland-shuttle-bus

Option 5: Everland Discount Ticket & Private Van Package

Want a private driver and van to pick you up from your hotel in Seoul? Do you want to stay at Everland until the night parade?

Trazy’s private van package offers a comfortable trip to Everland from Seoul!everland-private-van

Option 6: Everland Full Day Package

If you want to spend the whole day at Everland with your friends and family, this is the perfect option for you.everland-full-dayWhat’s Included:

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Where to Go & What to Do over Korea’s Long Weekend Holiday in May

Mark your calendar now as there is a long weekend ahead of us in May in Korea!


※Children’s Day Weekend: May 3~7

This year, with Buddha’s Birthday on May 3 and Children’s Day on May 5, you can make it a five-day holiday by using a vacation day on May 4.

You may even be able to extend your holidays to May 9 if you get your day off on Korean Labor Day on May 1 and use two vacation days on May 2 and 8.

Now, if you still haven’t decided where to go and what to do over the long weekend in May, make sure to check out this cool travel idea below. Start booking!

Have a Sand-sational Time in Busan!

How about a seaside escape to a vibrant southern port city of Busan, the country’s second largest city? Offering a different atmosphere from the capital city of Seoul and incredibly diverse experiences to be had, Busan is a destination absolutely worth traveling to.

Surrounded by seven beaches, the city is an all-time favorite summer destination and the long weekend in May can be the perfect time to visit before the big summer rush begins! is offering an all-inclusive 3D2N package deal at an early bird price of $158 USD per person from now until April 16. Bookings will be valid for travel until May 2, 2017. For more information, click here.busan-citadines-hotel.jpg

Why book this package?

  • Worry-free: confirmed transportation and accommodation even on a busy holiday – everything is covered!
  • Convenient location & comfortable accommodation: 2 nights at Citadines Busan Haeundae Hotel, only 5 mins away from Haeundae Beach
  • Optional tour to historic sites: 1-day tour to the neighboring historic city of Gyeongju available at an additional cost of $79 USD
  • Free time of your own: 2 full days of free time to explore Busan’s best sights (one free day if you book the optional tour)


For those who are going to stay only in Busan, consider entertaining yourself with the following activities during your free time!

Trazy’s Picks: Top 5 Things to Do During 3D2N Trip to Busan


  1. Try sailing on a yacht or cruise around the waters of Haeundae Beach.
  2. Hop on the Busan City Tour Bus and discover the highlights of Busan.
  3. Soar up the sky and peer down the entire city while paragliding.
  4. Try the street foods in Nampodong and visit Korea’s largest seafood market, Jagalchi Market nearby.
  5. Take a tour around the best night viewing spots Special City Night Tour.

Browse more awesome things to do in Busan here.

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Trazy Launches Winter Campaign 2016-17 | Have Snow Much Fun in Korea!

The cold winter is upon us, and we’re so excited to officially introduce our winter campaign, “Have Snow Much Fun in Korea” to all of you!

About Trazy’s Winter Campaign 2016winter-campaign-open-graph

Whoever you are, you’re guaranteed to have Snow Much Fun

Whether it be a romantic couple vacation, solo trip, group excursion or family holiday,
Trazy has everything ready for you to experience just the best awesome winter adventures in Korea.

Oh yes, planning your winter trip in Korea gets that much easier with Trazy.


To check out our winter campaign right now, click here.

Special Features of Trazy’s Winter Campaign

1. Fun Interactive Quiz

Ski season runs from early December through March and there are resorts scattered all over the country, all of which offer world-class facilities like lifts, gondolas, multiple slopes for people of all levels and state-of-the-art snowmaking equipment.

With so many ski resorts, trying to pick the right one to visit can be a challenging task, especially if it’s your first time. Well, don’t worry because we’re here to help.winter-campaign-quizOur fun and interactive quiz will help find a ski package that’s customized to fit your needs and interests! By taking our quiz, you can find out which ski resort is perfect for you. If you have no idea where to go to enjoy your winter in Korea, don’t fret and leave it to us to help you decide.

Some people like to ski and only ski, others like to enjoy activities like sledding on the side, and some prefer to spend most of the day doing something else like taking a dip in the pool or having fun at a festival.questionsWhatever your distance and attraction preferences or ski ability are, we’ve got something for you to enjoy.

2. A Map of Winter Getaways

mapYou can also check out all the information about the ski resorts on the map such as the distance from Seoul, the number of slopes and ski lifts and levels of skiers that they’re best for.

3. Trazy’s Curated Travel Ideas for Your Winter

themesDetailed information about the ski and sightseeing tours as well as the winter festivals are also available for your convenience!

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The Most Rejuvenating Experience Ever at Whoo Spa (formerly O HUI Spa) | Review & Tips

Greetings, travelers! I’m a member of Trazy Crew, this time here with a review of Whoo Spa, formerly known as O HUI Spa, and my experience there!img_8575It’s no secret that Korea is a country obsessed with skincare and beauty. I love makeup and skincare, but I’ve never been to a spa before where they massage your face and back with oils and everything.

I guess it’s because I don’t really want to be splashing out so much cash on something that doesn’t have results obvious to others.

The only relatively similar place I’ve gone to is a dermatologist. However, I really did want to wind down and relax at Whoo Spa where I received the body and facial cares.

About Whoo Spa

Whoo Spa, formerly known as O Hui Spa, is known for being a “beauty secret healing hideout” to its customers, providing various facial and body aesthetic programs that guarantee amazing results.fotorcreatedPeople from all over the world visit and many Korean celebrities also get pampered here such as Choi Yeo-jin, Park Ha-sun, and Cho Yeo-jung. It is also the only spa entrusted as a Gangnam Medical Tourism Partner.

How to Get to Whoo Spa

The spa is located in Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong, a trendy, hip, and upscale neighborhood with lots of places to dine and shop in. You’ll also see a lot of well-dressed people passing by. The area is full of energy and vitality regardless of the time of day, so many tourists flock there.img_8563Whoo Spa is in a more quiet location up a small hill in a luxurious and secure residential neighborhood. For a map and more detailed directions, click here.

First Impressions?

Right off the bat, I could immediately tell that it was a posh and upscale place. The layout and interior were more like a house rather than a spa, with a mini chandelier and large wooden staircase leading up to the spa in the entrance.

Inside, there were plush velvet seats, heavy wooden doors with gold signs, polished tiles on the walls and even a large open terrace area outside.
img_8577There were three different rooms labeled ‘VIP’, ‘Special’, and ‘Refresh.’

The ‘VIP’ room is for solo customers who usually purchase the special course or more expensive treatments, the ‘Special’ room is for two people, and the ‘Refresh’ room is for group guests.

The VIP room

What’s Different about Whoo Spa?

So what makes Whoo Spa different from the others? Well, first off, they use premium brand products instead of aesthetic products.

‘Whoo’ is actually a skincare and makeup brand currently modeled by actress Shin Min-a and their products are used during the facials. Other brands of products used include SU: M37.massageTheir concept is that they offer 1:1 specialized care. While most places would provide the same treatments with the same products regardless of the client’s skin type, Whoo lets you choose the products you want to be used or the consultant will give recommendations based on your skin type and condition.

They will also keep checking up on you throughout your treatment, adding or removing products depending on your condition, so you really will be getting unique and personalized care.

The consultation area

You will be able to fill in a sheet beforehand with information about your skin type, condition, what kind of products you want to be used, as well as any health or medical needs of concern (e.g if you’re on your period, have any injuries, or have gotten any aesthetic procedures recently). 

What kind of courses is available?

Whoo Spa offers 6 different course treatments:

  1. Facial Care: 70 mins
  2. Body Care: 80 mins
  3. Trazy Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders): 100 mins
  4. Special Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders / Special Massage Machines): 120 mins
  5. VIP Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders & Legs / Special Massage Machines): 150 mins
  6. VVIP Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders & Legs / Special Massage Machines): 180 mins

Click here for more details on each of the courses.

What were the facilities like?

I was given a gown and ushered into the powder room, told to strip from the waist up and wear the strapless gown. There was also a locker to store my belongings. lockerThe powder room was very clean and well equipped. There was a dressing table with makeup, skincare products, a hair dryer, brushes – pretty much everything you would need to freshen up afterward. img_8634The bathroom was also spotless and had a shower.img_8630I put my bag and clothes into the lockers provided and gave the key to the attendant. I was then led to the massage bed where I lay face down as she removed my gown and got to work.

The back massage took place on the orange bed in the ‘Refresh’ room

What’s It Like to Experience Beauty Care at Whoo Spa

I have a major tendency to sit hunched over in my chair so my muscles there are very tense. It also doesn’t make it any better that I wear a heavy purse on one shoulder all the time. The massage felt amazing.

It was a little uncomfortable at times but never painful – probably due to the fact that I had never had my muscles kneaded, stretched, and pulled in that way.

The attendant then rubbed aromatherapy oils on my back, which smelled heavenly.

My favorite was when she had her hand in a fist and rolled it over my upper back area, which was painful but so refreshing and satisfying that I couldn’t bear to ask her to stop.

The facial care beds

After the back massage, it was time for the facial care. I was led to another bed, where there was an interesting contraption called an air compression leg massager.

The attendant put the air massage boots, which were basically like airbags around my legs and turned on the machine.

The massagers would tighten and loosen around my legs over and over again, stimulating blood flow and providing relief for my tired and tense muscles.facial-careWhile my legs were being kneaded, the facial care started. I had my face double cleansed, dry skin patches removed, peeling to clear out my pores, and face masks and oils applied. I also received a décolleté (neckline) and scalp massage.scalp-massageThe décolleté massage helps with anti-aging, stimulating the production of collagen and tightening the skin to delay the onset of wrinkles while the scalp massage stimulates hair growth.

When the care was almost over as the attendant asked if I wanted a BB cream or sunscreen finish – I opted for sunscreen as I was going to reapply my makeup anyway.

Skincare sets like this were also available for purchase

Overall Evaluation of Whoo Spa

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the care and treatment. The facilities were all clean and the service was A+, with the attendants constantly checking up on me and asking if I was okay.

I also really liked how they explained what products they were using and what they were doing, so I knew what kind of effect it was having on me.

I was provided with 3 day’s worth of sample-sized skincare products, too! freebiesI am usually someone who flinches even if someone touches my shoulders and I don’t like massage chairs as they make me feel uncomfortable rather than relaxed, so the fact that I enjoyed this experience really surprised me. I definitely would love to look into getting massages on a regular basis.whoo-spa-thumbnailIf you would like to experience the Korean beauty care at Whoo Spa, online reservation is available here.

Looking for more K-beauty experiences and deals?

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K-Beauty Celebrity Skin Care Deal You Shouldn’t Miss

160525 2What makes Korean celebs’ skin look so good? Well, let us tell you a secret tip, K-Beauty fans (and it’s obvious. The perfect way for you to make your skin like Korean celebs is to get the same skin care treatment from the same dermatologists who treat them! 001 (1)Here we present Grace Skin Clinic, one of the most visited dermatology clinics by Korean celebs situated in Seoul, that is run by two prominent female dermatologists: Dr. Choi Seunghye and Dr. Lee Hyeri. For details and directions, click here.korean-skincare-graceclinic-celeb.jpgJo Kwon, Chae Soo Bin and BTS or Bangtan Boys are some of the celebs who visited this clinic (no wonder their skins are glowing all the time). 😉

One of the most popular skin care programs offered at Grace Skin Clinic is the K-Beauty Korean Skincare Treatment Program , which starts at $140 USD. If you want to get a taste of celebrity skincare on a budget, this is what you are looking for.

Check out how your skin is going to be treated below. Depending on your skin condition and preference, special treatment in whitening, moisturizing, rejuvenation or vitamin injection is applied during the facial pack.160517_관리순서grace image 002Don’t miss this ultimate chance to detox your skin and shine like a star while you’re in Seoul. Go back home with a rejuvenated skin that will make you friends jealous!

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