Travel Review: Attending the Jenny House Cheongdam Hill Opening Party!

Greetings, fellow Trazers! I’m a member of Trazy Crew here with a review of the famous Jenny House in Cheongdam, specifically their new branch called ‘Cheongdam Hill‘! jenny-house-entranceI had the opportunity to attend a party celebrating the opening of the new venue in the upscale and ritzy neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong. In case you’re not familiar with Jenny House, it’s a premium beauty salon with 5 locations in Korea that provides hair and makeup services as well as nail care, foot spas, and wedding consulting.

The shop is frequented by many top-class celebrities as shown below, and the staff does the makeup and hair of the stars for many movies and dramas too. For more info about Jenny House, click here.

Some of the celebrities among their clientele

The salon’s prices, as you can imagine, are nothing like normal salons. A basic haircut starts at around 55,000 KRW while hair dyeing and perms can cost as much as 440,000 KRW. Yup, definitely not like your average hair salon but I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and if the place is frequented by a whole list of famous celebrities, their skill and expertise must be outstanding.

The Cheongdam Hill branch opened not too long ago, combining the previous Cheongdam and Olive branches into one. The party was called a ‘Ki-bu and take party’, ‘Ki-bu’ meaning ‘charity’ in Korean. Makeup, skincare, and hair products from various brands were all going to be sold for only 10,000 KRW and all the proceeds would be donated to charity.invitationThere were also going to be celebrities attending, which was honestly the part I was most excited about. I mean, when else would I ever have the privilege of attending such a grand event like this, let alone possibly being able to see a celebrity from a few feet away?!

So I headed to the party dressed in what I would consider semi-formal attire. Thank goodness I didn’t wear the stilettos I’d originally planned on since the salon is located near the top of quite a steep hill in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I could tell where it was from quite a distance thanks to the flashing lights, blaring music, and the crowd of well-dressed people.locationAs soon as we stepped in through the doors, we were greeted warmly by the clean-cut and smartly dressed staff. The entrance was bustling with people and my first impression was that I was significantly underdressed. The majority of female guests had on tight-fitting dresses with sparkly details and sky-high stilettos, complete with fully made up faces and perfectly coiffed hair. However, I didn’t let that get to me and instead did a hair flip as I walked in as I was probably the youngest guest there to be invited.  interior-1We took the elevator to the third floor, which is the Hair & Headspa zone along with the fourth and fifth floor. The area was PACKED with people. I had imagined under one hundred guests since the event was quite exclusive, but I guess it just goes to show how popular the place is.

Me in the mirror on the fourth floor.

Funky music played as guests socialized and filled their stomachs with the huge spread of finger food, punch, and alcoholic drinks available. The lighting was a dimmed blue and purple, which added to the atmosphere.

I wish I got more food pictures…. There was everything from macaroons to sandwiches to rice burgers!

I was too busy stuffing my face with food to really pay major attention to anyone, but I did recognize a model Joo Won Dae from the fashion survival show, ‘Devil’s Runway’ being photographed in the corner.

Joo Won Dae in the red shirt

We then headed up to the fourth floor, where they were selling loads of skincare, makeup, and haircare products all for only 10,000 KRW. The craziest thing was that they were all high ends brands such as Shiseido, Benefit, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain, and Kerastase. I ended up purchasing a Shiseido lash serum that supposedly makes them grow significantly longer in just two weeks. 4th-floorThis was also where we spotted a few celebrities such as Han Ji-min (whose face was literally the size of my fist), Cha Ye-ryun, and Bae Soo-bin. There were many others who briefly attended the party, such as I.O.I’s Jeon So-mi and Kim Do-yeon, Son Dam-bi, Yuk Jidam, and B.A.P but we didn’t get a chance to see them in person.

From Left to Right: Han Ji-min, Cha Ye-ryun, Bae Soo-bin

The fifth floor was a very quiet space with nothing much going on, so we mainly roamed around the third and fourth floor eating food, taking pictures, and people-watching. Mirrors with flower petals scattered around them were on every floor, too, which was cute. chandelier-finalWhat really impressed me about the salon was the interior and space itself. Everything about the salon screamed luxury with the spotless bronze-gold leather chairs, fancy mirrors with ornate frames and spiraling patterns, pristine reception area with marble floors,  and the huge chandelier visible from the fourth floor.

I was in love with the mirror frames. So intricate and gorgeous!

The main color scheme seemed to be bronze and gold. As I briefly mentioned earlier, the third, fourth, and fifth floors cater towards hair care and styling, while the second floor is for nails and the first floor is for wedding makeup. jenny-house-inside-1High ceilings make the venue spacious and airy and some rooms were divided to create a private space for guests to comfortably get their hair and makeup done. There were also rooms dedicated to private care, such as the V.I.P scalp care room, nail care room, and foot spa room. seatsService is exquisite and posh and the staff also speak English, Japanese, and Chinese to cater to their international customers. I myself would love to get my hair or makeup done here for a special occasion. After all, the staff has years of experience and world-class celebrities as their clients, so I don’t doubt their artistry one bit. The official website lists all of the staff and the celebrities they style as well as a list of movies, dramas, commercials they’ve worked on.

The director’s clients include Song ji-hyo, Han ji-min, and Park ji-sung.

Bored with your current look? Then head on over to, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop to check out special deals for both men and women to get celebrity-inspired hair makeovers at Jenny House. There is also a makeup service. If you’re lucky, you might even sit next to your favorite celebrity as you get styled!  tumblr_oeketdmy731qleoujo1_540Overall, I had so much fun at the party and felt so honored to be invited to attend it. You can click here for more information about the venue. Finally, don’t forget to check out for more fun and informative posts like this one as well as up-to-date information on things to do in Korea! button_main 2

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Jenny House Redesign: Travel the best part of Korea via Trazy 2.0

Travel the best part of Korea

via Trazy 2.0

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The 5 Big Changes or Improvement we shall say…

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Megan goes to her 3rd date in Seoul.

Will Megan finally find her true love?

Find out what kind of missions her and her date succeeded or failed this time.

This time they visited some places around Hongdae, an energetic area full of youth, music, love, art, and moved to ride the duck boat in Yeouido Hangang river.

Here are the specific destinations that the two visited:

1. Cane shaped corn stick ice cream

Quiet a trend in Korea now. Find out what Megan says about this ice cream.

2. Mother & Mackerel (어머니와 고등어)

If you are craving for a compact meal of the usual Korean dishes, this small restaurant is the place to go.

3. Duck Boat ride on Hangang river.

One of the romantic ways to enjoy your date.

One last thing,



Date in Paradise episode 2!

Finally. Megan goes on a second date with Donghyun. It’s even more exciting this time as they try to complete couple missions.

What’s more- the dating spots are something that you can only experience in Korea. Watch the episode now and explore Megan & Donghyun’s dating spots.

1. SM Town Pop-up Store in Myeongdong, Seoul.

2. Multi Plus (Multi-Bang) in Hongdae, Seoul.

3. Tisbean Beauty Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul.



That’s all for today. Go on, Vote and Win your way for Trazy’s K-pop Travel Kit! 🙂

Trazy Crew’s Day out on May day.

On a bright sunny day, which was also May day, Trazy Crew decided to go out on a small journey around Seoul with the Kbeat team!

The weather was perfect with an early summer breeze and not so many people because of the early time we met.

It was the Trazy Crew team, the Kbeat team and our dearest friend, Donghyun.

We first went to Garosugil, a hip street lined with beautiful ginkgo trees and filled with trendy restaurants, clothing shops and bars.


Just look at the cute couple 🙂


Behind the scene of upcoming …what? 

Then we moved to Bongeunsa Temple, which was decorated with unique lanterns getting ready for Buddha’s birthday next week.

Bongeunsa templeBongeunsa Temple, covered with lantern wishes.

There was also a separate section to mourn for the Sewol Ferry Incident and wish for a miracle. The yellow ribbons show how people are still hoping for the best out of the worst…


Yellow ribbons in Bongeunsa Temple.

Curious what we were doing around Garosugil and Bongeunsa? Well, here is the episode 1 video!

Click on the captions down right on the video for subtitles.

Also vote fore you favorite dating spot from the video here and win a special Trazy Travel Kit! Yayyyy 🙂

XOXO, Trazy.

The least we can do for the Sewol Ferry accident.

A week has already passed since the Sewol Ferry sunk and led to hundreds of death.

Not only the families but the whole South Korea is mourning for the tragic accident, relying on one last hope for a miracle.

Today the Trazy Crew acted upon our own will to help the family members of the victims. We found something that we can do- sending  relief items.

If you are willing to aid the devastated family members who are waiting for their children and siblings to come home safe, here is what you can do. (Just like us)

1. Prepare a box full of relief items that you think would be helpful such as instant food, toothpaste and toothbrush, towels, blankets, tissue etc.

2. Write down the list of items that you’re sending on the box so that it’s easier for the voluntary workers to distribute.

3. And send the box to the following address: 전라남도 진도군 진도읍 철마길 25 진도군청 주민복지과 539-803 재해구호품 접수처 (Jeollanamdo Jindo-gun Jidoeup Cheolmagil 25 Jindoguncheong Joominbokgigwa 529-803)

The phone number is 061-540-3107.


We’re pretty sure that nothing is never too late and something is better than nothing.


We hope for one last miracle to come and help all of us. That’s all for today.