7 Things You Absolutely Must Do Now Along the Han River

If you are looking for hip things to do to amp up your summer spirits during your holiday in Seoul, better check this out.

Here are fun, new-age activities and top notch water sports you can experience along the Han River and around the Han River Parks.

Take a look at what’s hot and trending among young people in Korea nowadays.

1. Electric Scooter (I-Bot)

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Around Yeouido Hangang Park,  you can spot many people riding on one of these electric transport called “I-Bot”. You can rent it at a rental shop located nearby Yeouinaru subway station (Line 5). For more info, click here.

2. Waterskiing

Watch this rider showing off some impressive waterskiing skills on her Instagram account! If you want to try it on the Han River, click here.

3. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding along the Han River is truly an amazing experience, especially when the scenic ride quickly turns into a thrilling adventure.

4. Hoverboarding

Surf the sky on the hoverboard. If you want to try this newest kind of water sports Han River has to offer, click here for details.

5. Flyboarding

Want to fly like “Iron Man”? Flyboarding is easy to learn and enjoy. Head over to Jamwon Hangang Park this weekend and try this exhilarating experience!

6. Kickboard

Rent one of these electric kickboards when you visit Yeouido Han River Park. For details and directions, click here.

7. Tubester

If you want pure relaxation without any thrills and action, Tubester can be a great option. Since it’s really popular, making an advance reservation is strongly advised. Booking online is available here.

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Luxury Yet Affordable – Lunch & Dinner Buffet on Han River Ferry Cruise in Seoul

한강 유람선Gaze out of the window and indulge in your delicious meal as you cruise through Seoul’s major landmarks. Offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city’s skyline and beyond, cruising through Seoul on Han River is one of the top-rated things to do for first-time travelers without a doubt!

Want to get on board? Take a look at our rough guide and advice on how to book and enjoy your day on the romantic ferry cruise on Han River.

1. Book in advance

16913770394_99ccaa3741_bSkies are clear and temperatures are mild, which means many people will be coming for this wonderful ride on Han River to enjoy their days out. It will draw big crowds, so booking in advance isn’t just recommended, it’s strongly advised. Booking is available here.160517Once you purchase, an e-mail (or a mobile voucher) will be sent to your registered email address. Either print or capture it, and show it to the staff at the ticket booth and exchange it for a real ticket on site.

2. How to get to cruise terminal

Han River Cruise (2).JPGThe subway station nearest to the cruise terminal is Subway Line 5 Yeouinaru Station, Exit 3. For a map and directions, click here.Han River Cruise (3)Han River Cruise (4)This is how the cruise terminal and the ticket booth look like. Show your mobile voucher or email you’ve received from Trazy here and redeem your ticket.Han River Cruise (5)Make sure to arrive at the terminal at least 20 minutes before the departure. The ferry will depart right on the scheduled time and WILL NOT WAIT for those who are late. The ferry runs Monday to Sunday at 12:00/19:30 p.m.17534074312_f330b3869e_bTake your ticket and head over to Terminal 1 to get on board!

3. A special photo zone for K-Drama fans

Han River Cruise (6)When you enter the boarding gate, you can find a special photo zone that features the two main characters, Chun Song Yi and Do Min Jun, from the popular Korean TV drama called “My Love from the Star“. The Han River Ferry Cruise was one of the shooting locations for this hit drama and gained huge popularity among K-drama fans. Han River Cruise (9)Han River Cruise (10)Why not take photos with these two beloved Korean stars before you get on board? 🙂
s__1171464There’s a small gift shop where you can also buy souvenirs related to the drama as well.

4. Dine on the deck

16913762374_833e9153ac_bBefore you book, take note that the lunch buffet is available only on weekdays and the dinner buffet is available on both weekdays and weekends. Price varies depending on time and day. Click here to see the price.PrintFeast on a variety of delicious menus prepared in buffet-style! Exceptional salad bar and dessert station are prepared for you to indulge in.Han River Cruise (11)If you choose the dinner buffet cruise, you can take in the live music and romantic atmosphere while indulging in your meal.
Han River Cruise (14)For Muslim travelers, halal food is not prepared but seafood dishes and vegetarian salad dishes are available.

5. Sailing Course

16913764794_747a346e93_b After enjoying your meal, watch the stunning scenery along Han River that flows right through the center of the city. 17348733880_66d93014e3_b17536337345_a5cd1519b1_bThroughout an hour and 10 minutes and  ride, you will be able to see the most famous landmarks and bridges such as the National Assembly Building, 63 Building

So if you ever visit Seoul, don’t miss out on the Han River Ferry Cruise! 😉button31

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How to become Love Birds in Han River Park.

Have you ever been to Han river? with whom? It’s pretty known that Han river is one of the best places to go on a date!

It is romantic enough to just walk along the river with your lover but there are also special activities which will make your love bigger. :p

I love you…for sentimental reasons♡

Here are Top 6 Things you can do in Han River Park with your lover.

1. Ride Bicycle.

Bicycle ride in Ttukseom Hangang Park

You can ride a bike along the Han river. Riding a bike is the easiest and the cheapest way to enjoy the park along the river.

There are many bicycle rental shops, including Nanji, Ichon, Ttukseom, Gwangnaru and Yeouido Hangang Park.

There are not only single bikes but also couple bikes so you can ride it with your lover.

Single bike is 3,000 KRW within an hour and 500 KRW additional charge for every extra 15 min. For the Tandem, the fee is double. You can rent and return the bike in any rental shops. It means you can return the bike you borrowed in any rental shop.

2. Cruise the Han River Ferry.


Han river ferry cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery around the Han river. It has been rated as one of the top things to do in Seoul. Don’t miss this tour to make special romantic memories in Seoul.

Han river ferry terminal is located in Yeouido. There are many different kinds of ferries and routes.

First route : Han River Ferry Terminal – Yeouido – Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain – Yeouido Hangan Park.

On the day time, it runs every 30 min to 1 hour. There is only one night cruise program at 7:30 pm!

If you want to take the ferry and dine at the same time, how about having a lunch buffet in the cruise? On the lunch buffet Cruise, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Han River while having a special dining experience.

– Mon to Sun at 11:30 or 19:30 

3. Take the Helicopter.


Do you want to do something more exciting and rare? Then take a helicopter. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime tour above Seoul and the Han River!

There are 4 different courses with different routes.

Course A : Trade Center course

With this course, you will fly over the magnificent Trade Center and catch the view of Seoul’s Gangnam area with the landmark buildings. The flight length is around 7 mins.

Course B : Gwangnaru course

You will travel through the eastern side of Seoul, including Lotte World, Olympic bridge, Jamsil sports Complex with this course. It runs around 10 mins.

Course C : Yeoido course

This course will make you fly along the Han River over different major bridges. You can see the most famous buildings in Korea like 63 building, Korea National Assembly building. The flight lasts around 15 mins.

Course D : Special course

With this special course, you can take a bird-view over the whole city! You will fly over Korean hot spots, including 63 Hanwha City, Seoul N tower, Apgujeong area, etc. This is the longest course which takes around 20 mins.

4. Ride the Duck boat!


In Yeouido Hangang Park, you can ride cute duck boats. 2~3 people can ride in a boat together and you can choose the way to move. There are two options : automatic and pedals. During the ride, you can see the 63 building, N Seoul tower and Bukhansan mountain from a distance. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around the Han river. You can ride the boat for about 40 mins.

5. Go Camping.


You can also do camping nearby the Han river. There are some parks which allow you to do camping and also cooking. The most famous place for camping is Nanji Hangang Park and next to the park, there is Nanji Campground. The campsite is complete with all the items and facilities needed for camping, such as 24-hour-shower room, tents and BBQ grills. It is open to everyone.

6. Water Sports for Couples.


You can also do a variety of water sports with your lover. From banana boat to flyboarding, Han river offers an exciting series of water activities that couples can do together. You can book these water activities through Trazy at a discounted price! 🙂