7 Best Festivals in May 2017 | South Korea Festivals Guide

From romantic spring flower festivals to star-studded spectacular music festival, the month of May in Korea is filled with plenty of wonderful festivals.

Check out all ongoing and upcoming festivals and events for May 2017 in South Korea and find the perfect fest with our festival guide!

1. Taean Tulip Festival 2017

Immerse yourself in 1.5 million tulips and other spring flowers!

Recognized as one of the World’s Top 5 Tulip Festivals by the World Tulip Summit Society (WTSS), Taean Tulip Festival is by far the largest tulip festival in South Korea.

While you can appreciate the beautiful tulips and spring flowers during the day, you can enjoy a fantastic array of impressive light displays at night!

  • Date: April 13~May 10
  • Venue: Taean County, Chungcheongnam-do Province (western part of Korea)
  • Book one-day trip


2. The Garden of Morning Calm Spring Flower Festival

Come and see the stunning gardens of colorful spring flowers at the Garden of Morning Calm, which is one of the most beloved gardens that offer fantastic flowers all year round.

Visit Nami Island nearby as well! It’s another famous destination where you can enjoy a stroll along scenic tree-lined paths and gardens.


3. Boseong Green Tea Festival 2017

Prepare to be stunned by the endless stretches of green tea fields covering the entire hillside of Boseong Green Tea Plantation!

Selected as one of the “31 Beautiful Sights on This Incredible Planet” by CNN, this breathtaking natural scenery awaits you in Boseong Green Tea Festival.


  • Date: May 3~May 7
  • Venue: Boseong County, Jeollanam-do Province (southwestern part of Korea)
  • Book one-day trip


4. Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival 2017)

Every year, Busan, a beautiful port city in South Korea, offers an incredible display of colorful lanterns in celebration of Buddha’s birthday, giving visitors an unforgettable experience.


5. Seoul World DJ Festival 2017

After 7 long years of waiting, the World DJ Festival is finally returning to Seoul on May 13 & 14! Bringing top-notch EDM artists and DJs including Alan Walker, Brennan Hear, Jauz, Sultan+Shepard, Party Favor, Zeds Dead and many more. seoul-world-dj-festival-(2)


6. Gangneung Danoje Festival Tour

Gangneung Danoje Festival is one of the biggest folk festivals in Korea that is listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. During the festival, you will be able to witness shamanistic ritual of the Joseon Dynasty and enjoy folk performances, Korean traditional wrestling called ‘ssireum‘ and many other cultural events.gangneung-danoje-festival

  • Date: May 27~June 3
  • Venue: Gangneung City, Gangwon-do Province (eastern part of Korea)
  • Book one-day trip


7. Samcheok Rose Festival

Take a stroll through the vast, open gardens of beautiful roses in Samcheok City. Nearby the venue of the rose festival, you can also enjoy a rail bike with your beloved ones while taking in the beautiful scenery along the east coast of Korea.samcheok-rose-festivalsamcheok-rail-bike


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Where to Go & What to Do over Korea’s Long Weekend Holiday in May

Mark your calendar now as there is a long weekend ahead of us in May in Korea!


※Children’s Day Weekend: May 3~7

This year, with Buddha’s Birthday on May 3 and Children’s Day on May 5, you can make it a five-day holiday by using a vacation day on May 4.

You may even be able to extend your holidays to May 9 if you get your day off on Korean Labor Day on May 1 and use two vacation days on May 2 and 8.

Now, if you still haven’t decided where to go and what to do over the long weekend in May, make sure to check out this cool travel idea below. Start booking!

Have a Sand-sational Time in Busan!

How about a seaside escape to a vibrant southern port city of Busan, the country’s second largest city? Offering a different atmosphere from the capital city of Seoul and incredibly diverse experiences to be had, Busan is a destination absolutely worth traveling to.

Surrounded by seven beaches, the city is an all-time favorite summer destination and the long weekend in May can be the perfect time to visit before the big summer rush begins!

Trazy.com is offering an all-inclusive 3D2N package deal at an early bird price of $158 USD per person from now until April 16. Bookings will be valid for travel until May 2, 2017. For more information, click here.busan-citadines-hotel.jpg

Why book this package?

  • Worry-free: confirmed transportation and accommodation even on a busy holiday – everything is covered!
  • Convenient location & comfortable accommodation: 2 nights at Citadines Busan Haeundae Hotel, only 5 mins away from Haeundae Beach
  • Optional tour to historic sites: 1-day tour to the neighboring historic city of Gyeongju available at an additional cost of $79 USD
  • Free time of your own: 2 full days of free time to explore Busan’s best sights (one free day if you book the optional tour)


For those who are going to stay only in Busan, consider entertaining yourself with the following activities during your free time!

Trazy’s Picks: Top 5 Things to Do During 3D2N Trip to Busan


  1. Try sailing on a yacht or cruise around the waters of Haeundae Beach.
  2. Hop on the Busan City Tour Bus and discover the highlights of Busan.
  3. Soar up the sky and peer down the entire city while paragliding.
  4. Try the street foods in Nampodong and visit Korea’s largest seafood market, Jagalchi Market nearby.
  5. Take a tour around the best night viewing spots Special City Night Tour.

Browse more awesome things to do in Busan here.

Book at early bird prices until April 16, 2017 KST!

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The Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve and Count Down to 2017 in South Korea

allowto_freedownload_landscape_149Getting excited about the New Year 2017? In case you are wondering about where and how to celebrate New Year’s Eve, we’ve selected the best of the best spots only, and the ways Koreans celebrate this wonderful day!

Take a look and try visiting the places we’ve recommended here and welcome 2017 with your loved ones around you!

1. Seoul

In Korea, the tradition of ringing the landmark bell marks the end of a year and simultaneously the start of a new one.

The Bosingak Bell Pavilion is the landmark bell of Seoul, and is rung by the mayor of Seoul 33 times every year. This has become one of the most popular traditions amongst Koreans, and hundreds of thousands of Koreans, Seoulites and people from other cities alike, head down to Bosingak on the 31st of December to mark the end of the year and welcome the start of a new one.

Hundreds of thousands crowd around the bell pavilion every year!

Traditionally, during the Joseon Dynasty (AD 1392~) before the use of the Western, Gregorian calendar, the bell was used to mark the start and end of a day. When the bell was rung 33 times at approximately 4 AM in the morning, the gates of Seoul (which used to surround the city and keep out outsiders) would open. At around 10 PM in the evening, the bell would be rung 28 times, and the gates that guard the city of Seoul would be shut.

The actual, original bell that used to be used is now kept away in the National Museum of Korea, and the one being used today is recreated and modeled after the classical Buddhist bell design.

The original bell, located in the National Museum of Korea

If you’d like to welcome the new year in the Korean way, it would be very wise to head down to the streets of Jongno (that’s where Bosingak is located) much earlier than a few minutes before midnight on the 31st.

As you saw from the picture above, an estimated 100,000 people celebrate the end of the year together at Bosingak, meaning that if you want to even have a decent chance of catching a glimpse of the bell, you’ll want to head there hours in advance to secure a spot.

After witnessing and hearing the ringing of the bell, many people head on to a high mountain or the Eastern coast of Korea to catch the first sunrise of the year. As they witness the sunrise, they pray for the things that they hope will happen in the coming year, whether it be good health, prosperous business or great academic results. Some of the most popular locations are Busan, Jeongdongjin and Jeju Island.

Refer to our post 15 Best Sunrise and Sunset Photography Locations Every Traveler Should Know in South Korea to find out where to catch best sunrises and sunsets across Korea.

2. Busan

Busan is one of the most popular locations amongst Koreans who want to witness the first sunrise of the year.

Busan is, after all, located at in the far eastern corner of the Korean peninsula, meaning that you’ll be able to catch the sunrise much earlier than the rest of the country. Even within Busan however, there are many locations that people can choose from.busan-983601_1280The first on the list is the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. This Korean Buddhist temple is nationally renowned for its scenic view and fantastic location and was built in 1376 by the great Buddhist scholar known as Naong during the Goryeo Dynasty.

Located in the north-east of Busan by the rocky seashore; the temple is quite unique as most temples are built in the mountains. For directions, click here.

Sunrise at the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Another popular location in Busan for the New Year is Taejongdae, which is named after the 29th King of the Silla Dynasty, King Tae Jong.

Here, you can catch beautiful views of the ocean, cliffs and on clear days you will be able to spot (if your eyes are sharp enough) Tsushima, Japan.

Sunrise at Taejongdae

Pine trees and other vegetation blanket the sides of the road that winds through the park and placards direct people to step off the main road onto paths that head to certain spots along the rocky cliffs for clear views of the ocean. Visitors can find temples, an observatory, a lighthouse, and plenty of rocky cliffs to visit and enjoy.

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3. Jeju Island

Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Jeju Island is recognized globally for its breathtaking scenery. Coupled with the majestic sunrise of the New Year, it would be a shame if you never get the chance to witness it.

Thousands of visitors flock to the Seongsan Sunrise Peak (or Seongsan Ilchulbong) at New Year to catch the first sunrise of the year. As the name suggests, the peak offers a fantastic view of both the sunrise and the surrounding area of Jeju. The peak is 182 meters high with a huge crater in the middle. The tip of the peak is surrounded by 99 sharp rocks, making the peak resemble the shape of a crown. For directions, click here.

Check out Top Things to Do in Jeju Island on Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, Trazy.com.

4. Jeongdongjin

Sunrise at Jeongdongjin

Last but not least, one of the most popular locations that Koreans visit on the New Year Day is the area of Jeongdongjin in the city of Gangneung. Facing the East Sea, it is traditionally perceived as the best spot to view the sunrise, and one of the earliest locations in Korea to experience it.

At Jeongdongjin, it is the geographical significance that makes it a popular location amongst Koreans. Gangneung is around a 4-hour drive from Seoul (approx. 270 km), and if you plan to travel there it would be wise to set aside some time for traveling back and forth.
happynewyear.jpgThe New Year is drawing close, and it’s time for you to start making plans! Listening to the ringing of the bell to mark the end of 2016 and watching the sunrise to mark the start of 2017 with your friends, family or significant other would be a moment that will make 2017 a much more memorable one for you! 🙂


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Best Places to See Christmas Lights in Seoul and Busan

The end of a year is always the time for festive spirit and celebrations. Korea is not an exception – in fact, it’s probably one of the best destinations in the world to celebrate Christmas!

There are so many festivals and celebrations at this time of the year that the list goes on and on. This blog will attempt to cover just a few of them that are happening in Seoul and Busan.


Here are some of the best places to see amazing lights and get into the holiday spirit in Seoul!

A. Christmas Lights & Fun at Theme Parks

1. Lotte World: Christmas Miracle 

Period: 11.12.2016 ~ 12.31.2016

Lotte World, the only indoor amusement theme park in Seoul will hold a Christmas festival with a theme, “Christmas Miracle,” until December 31. In addition to the rides that are available at Lotte World promises to bring an amazing show with a variety of characters and performances throughout the evening.

The highlight of the festival is various special zones set up outdoors and indoors. Outside there is the “Castle of Miracles” where you will be able to see a beautiful light show and indoors there’s the “Miracle Santa Village” where you can take photos at the snowman photo zone.

You can get a discount ticket for Lotte World here.

2. Everland: Romantic Illumination

Period: 11.24.2016 ~ 12.31.2016

Everland is possibly one of the most famous and largest amusement parks in Korea. Held until December 31, the Christmas Fantasy and Romantic Illumination guarantee a fantastic display of lights and fireworks that are sure to let you immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit.

The highlight is the “White X-mas Parade” starring Everland‘s Christmas character such as Santa and Rudolph dancing to delightful carol songs. The parade will take place once a day from December 18.

For convenient transport options and discount tickets to Everland, check out this link.

3. Seoul Land: Christmas Party

Period: 11.17.2016 ~ 12.25.2016

As Korea’s first ever theme park to be built, Seoul Land is definitely one of the most established and popular amusement parks in Korea.

This year’s festival is called “Santa Run” and will be held until December 25, featuring various special performances and gift donations. One of the highlights is a performance where Ebenezer Scrooge and a pack of wolves try to ruin Christmas for Red Riding Good and her friends of the Character Village.

Fathers will also get a chance to win special gifts for their children by participating in the Santa Run.

For discount tickets to Seoul land, click here.

B. Christmas Taken to the Streets

1. Sinchon Christmas Market & Sinchon Christmas Street Festival

Period: 12.21.2016 ~ 12.29.2016

Sinchon is “the” place to be for youths. The area, in close proximity to 4 major universities (Yonsei, Ewha, Sogang and Hongik), is a famous hotspot for street performances, great food and shopping. You’ll be able to enjoy everything from thrifty shopping to joyous caroling to free concerts from December 21 to 29 around the area. Street performances will mainly be held near Hyundai U-Plex Mall near Sinchon Station.

If you’re planning to visit Sinchon, make sure you check this out for the 20 must-go places in Sinchon!

신촌을 못 떠나

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2. Myeongdong Lights Festival

Along the famous shopping district of Myeongdong, awe-inspiring Christmas decorative lights have gone up!

Take note however, especially during Christmas Eve, this place gets jam-packed. Try to avoid at all costs, and visit it another day (usually the Christmas day itself is less crowded than Christmas Eve).

C. Fabulous Christmas Events & Performances

1. Universal Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’

Period: 12.16.2016 ~ 12.31.2016

A Christmas classic, the world-renowned Universal Ballet presents Tchaikovsky’s classic holiday performance of “The Nutcracker.”This family-friendly winter performance will run from December 16 to 31, 2016 at the Universal Arts Center in Seoul. 

2. Merry Chri Sound Festa

Period: 12.24.2016 ~ 12.25.2016

Held on Christmas Eve and Day, the Merry Chri Sound Festa is a festival where you will be able to enjoy music from artists of all different genres.

There’s everything from rap to pop to indie to EDM! The line-up includes artists like Beenzino, Glen Check, Hoody and many more! It’s sure to be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas! Grab your tickets here before they’re all gone!

D. Christmas Vibes Near Seoul

1. Garden of Morning Calm: The Lighting Festival

Period: 12.02.2016 ~ 3.26.2017

Spanning 82 acres, the Garden of Morning Calm boasts the largest collection of herbs in Korea. There are also areas themed after the Italian city of Venice and a French farm.

The different colors of the garden harmonize together to create a beautiful, picturesque scenery. There are 30,000 lights of all colors  illuminating the garden that will look amazing in photos!

Enjoy your visit to the garden and also explore the beautiful tree-lined paths of Nami island and enjoy a rail bike ride in Gangchon by signing up this tour!

2. Pocheon Herb Island: The Lighting & Illumination Festival

Period: 11.01.2016 ~ 12.31.2016

Friends, families and lovers can make precious memories together at the Lighting & Illumination Festival in Pocheon which is full of LED lights that make the place look like something out of a fairytale.

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There is also an area called “Santa’s Village” with a 300-meter long tunnel full of wishing cards that you can take a walk through.

Visitors can also entry hands-on programs such as herbal candle and soap making, pressed herbal flower arts and crafts, lavender pillow crafting and more.

Take an excursion to the Herb Island in Pocheon with ease by simply hiring a private van for your group. For details, click here.


The range of activities and festivals you can find outside of Seoul is definitely much more limited, but Busan is the second most populous city in Korea after Seoul, and there are definitely many festivals that can rival those in the capital. Here are some that you should definitely check out if you’re in Busan:

1. Busan Christmas Tree Festival

Period: 11.26.2016 ~ 01.08.2016

The Busan Christmas Festival in Nampodong has been going on for 6 years in a row and has been making its name known as one of the biggest festivals of its kind in Korea.

The annual Christmas Tree Festival will feature a myriad of festive and family-friendly holiday activities including the tree of wishes, various street performances, and a photo and video contest. On top of the daily cultural and Christmas concerts, local visitors can also participate in the festival’s popular carol singing contest.

The festival is free and open to the public and will be held until January 8.

If you want to enjoy a dazzling winter holiday trip at Busan Christmas Tree Festival this year, join this overnight tour! You can book your trip here.

2. Haeundae Rockgo Lighting Festival

Period: 12.02.2016 ~ 2.12.2017

View the colorful lights by the seaside in Haeundae, Busan at the Haeundae Rockgo Lighting Festival! This year there is a love story theme with special events held for couples.

The main event is an SNS event, where if couples upload a photo of them at the festival, one of them will be chosen at random every week and receive an 18 karat couple ring.

There will also be street busking performances every Friday and Saturday to add some joy to people’s days as they walk by.

3. Illumia Light Festival

Period: 11.01.2016 ~ 12.31.2017

Launched at the Let’s Run Park in Busan, the Illumia Light Festival is essentially a theme park full of colorful and shining lights.

Aside from large lit-up life-size figurines all over the park, there is also an area with ground light illumination and a musical fountain show where images are projected onto the water.

Enjoyed reading our blog? Stay tuned for more travel updates and happy holidays!

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Surfing in Miami? No, Surfing in Korea!

Surfing is something quite common in the Western countries, but not as common in Korea due to lack of strong waves and recreational “culture”. But recently, passionate Korean surfers as well as foreigners started to dig the perfect surfing spots, which then made surfing pretty popular.

And of course, Trazy is now offering travelers the chance to experience it!11040322234_65d8194da7_b.jpgOne of our Trazy users, Hui Jeong R went surfing on one fine day in Songjeong Beach in Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea. Now, let’s hear her actual surfing experience! 🙂

P1310338“Take Line 2 Metro to Suyeong, Exit 5. Go Straight around 200 M and you’ll find a bus stop. Take the bus 1001, 1003 and get off at Songjeong beach. Walk about 15 minutes toward Songjeong beach and you will find a wooden building located beside the cafe called Angel-in-us. See a map here.

This is the Songjeong Surfing School where you can get surf lessons and rent equipment for surfing. My friend recommended me this place as it is one of the first surf schools in Korea and has different lesson programs for people with different levels. If you already know how to surf, you can rent equipment here at an affordable price. But since it was a first time for me, I booked the lesson instead.”1“Before heading out on the water, the instructor gave us a thorough instruction on how to enjoy surfing on the waves. He told us that there are 5 simple steps to how to ride the surfing board. After listening to all the steps, I changed into a full body suit!”P1310359“I would say the waves here are not too high and so it will not be challenging to learn how to surf as a first-timer.”P1310358“Throughout the course, we learned how to ‘catch’ the wave and stand on the board for 2 hours. In my case, I have short arms compared to my leg and full body, so it was hard to stand on the board (cry cry). But the instructor kindly taught me another way to stand on the board and I finally did ‘surf’! And I can tell you that the experience is totally awesome! ;)”

8627318616_cf857d5336_bSongjeong beach is not as well known as Haeundae Beach to foreign travelers, but it is a less touristy and quaint destination where you can have a great time with your friends, your other half or with your family. 5745900246_7f274e8cb3_b4960267624_bec91d649c_bYou can find couple of restaurants and snack bars where you can grab some treats around Songjeong Beach. Try to drop by after getting your surf lessons.

If you want try this wonderful experience this summer, click here. 🙂button31

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How Koreans Celebrate Lunar New Year

seollal-2.jpgIt’s a time for happiness and festivities as the  Lunar New Year, ‘Seollal’, is just around the corner in South Korea! FYI, this year 2017 is the ‘Year of the Rooster’. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the East Asian culture (which includes South Korea, China, etc), people in East Asia tend to believe in zodiac signs (especially the elders), and every year is represented by one of the 12 zodiac signs. 

‘Seollal’, which is considered a major holiday season for the Koreans, usually lasts for 3 days. This year, with additional substitution holiday, it will be celebrated for 4 days in total from January 27th to 30th. During this period, most of the shops and restaurants will be closed, especially on the official day of Seollal (January 28th, 2017). So, keep that in mind if you’re planning on visiting South Korea during the month. 

Major palaces, museums, and amusement parks are open, but do double check the websites to check one more time before you go! Various traditional events and cultural performances will be held at tourists sites for visitors, so there are still many fun things to do during this holiday season.

Of course, there will be a heavy traffic jam and it’ll be very difficult for travelers and tourists to purchase a train or bus ticket. To avoid the insane crowds, refrain from traveling to other provinces or regions around South Korea during this period!

You’ll also find the shopping malls and local markets crowded with people rushing to buy everything they need before Seollal. So, let’s find out how Koreans celebrate!

1. Korean Traditional Dress ‘Hanbok’

traditional-775512_1920During Seollal, you might witness Koreans wearing a beautifully colored and patterned Korean traditional dress called ‘hanbok. It is not mandatory to wear, but nowadays, wearing ‘hanbok’ is becoming a popular fashion trend in Korea. 16390668300_00fced9282If you’re interested in trying out this traditional dress for a day, click here.

2. An Ancestral Rite, ‘Charye’

2249883131_8e24f43b3d.jpgIn the early morning of the official day of Seollal, all the family members and relatives gather and begin an ancestral rite and preparation of a process called ‘charye‘. Women usually prepare dishes of ritual foods and set them on the table. After the table is set, the men (in the order of oldest to youngest) stand in front of the table and bow to the spirits of the ancestors first. Watch the video below to see how ‘charye’ is done! 

So, basically, ‘charye’ is like paying a respect and gratitude to the ancestors.charyesang-687186.jpg

2. Bowing to Family Elders or ‘Sebae’

610913500_9ccbfa47ab.jpgNow, this is the exciting part! 🙂 Family members take turns (from the oldest to the youngest) and give a deep bow to the elderly and parents. Koreans call this bowing process ‘sebae‘.

After the bow, parents or relatives will then give the children money or ‘sebaetdon (New Year’s money)’ and words of blessing in return for the New Year.

3. Not-to-be-missed Seollal Food, ‘Tteokguk’

rice-cake-soup-650068After ‘sebae’ comes the feast (finally)! On Lunar New Year’s Day, Koreans eat ‘tteokguk (sliced rice cake soup)’. In Korea, eating tteokguk = a year added to one’s age. So, as a joke, Koreans say ‘the more bowls of tteokguk you eat, the older you will get!’6889876455_595e480884.jpgTry other Seollal foods as well like ‘sanjeok’ (meat and vegetable brochette)’,’buchimgae (Korean style pancake)’, and Korean traditional desserts like ‘yakgwa(honey cookie)’, ‘hangwa (traditional korean sweets)’ and ‘injeolmi (rice cake covered with bean flour)’. 16379714060_9b6da47feb

4. Play Traditional Games

Seollal is a perfect time for families to play some fun games together! The most popular traditional game is called ‘yutnori, which is a board game. 4009948347_2452968f09.jpgIt’ll be much easier for you to understand the game if you think of it as ‘Monopoly’, where you throw four wooden sticks instead of dice.

Other fun games include ‘jegichagi (a game where you kick a shuttlecock and try and keep it in the air for as long as possible)’, ‘neolitwiggi (a Korean jumping game similar to see-sawing)’, and ‘tuho (a game where people throw sticks into a canister)’. Go out to parks and try ‘yeon-naligi (kite flying)’ as well!

5. Hang Lucky Bags on Trees

korean-folk-village-6439311.jpgOne of the traditional customs carried out on Seollal is hanging  ‘bokjumeoni’ or lucky bags on walls or trees. Koreans believe that these beautiful embroidered pockets bring good fortune and bliss to the holder.16390664170_c8535cb915Get one of these lucky bags as a souvenir or gift for your loved ones. Hang them up on the walls at home or on the branches of trees and see if they really bring good luck! 😉

Last but not least, watch this video that shows how Koreans generally spend the Lunar New Year!

Now, go on and discover the genuine beauty of South Korea! It’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times! 😉button_main

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