Top 5 Survival Items For Expats & Exchange Students in Korea

Living by yourself can be fun and exciting since you get to be independent and free from your nagging parents! However, it also comes with a lot of responsibility.

Last time we posted about must-have beauty products from Daiso, which is a store selling everything from beauty products to household items to school supplies all ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 KRW. Today’s post is about 5 survival items from there that we recommend for all you expats and exchange students staying in Korea for the long run to keep at home!

1. Roll Cleaner

Use these simple but innovative roll cleaners to clean hair and dust off your floor or remove lint from your clothes. You can also purchase refills in bundles.
roll cleaner.jpgIt’s a quick and simple way to clean your home and doesn’t take up any space to store either!

2. Reusable Recycling Bins

Korea is pretty strict with recycling policies and there are certain rules you should follow if you want to avoid having any angry garbage men or your apartment’s maintenance man chasing after you! Reusable Reclying Bins.jpgThese reusable recycling bins make sorting your trash easy so you don’t have to be digging through everything and sorting it at the dumpster!

3. All-purpose Tweezers

If you’re a lazy couch potato, this product is ideal for you. Now you can reach for the TV remote, switch off the lights, pick up the can that missed the bin – all thanks to these all-purpose tweezers!

4. Hair Stopper Sheets

Those of you with long hair may especially be able to relate to this. No one likes cleaning clogged hair out of a drain as it’s messy and gross. Well, you’ll no longer have that problem with these hair stopper sheets!

They come in both rectangular and circular shapes and all you have to do is peel and stick it onto your drain, then throw it out once there’s a significant amount of hair caught on it! Simple!

5. Mini Rectangular Frypan

Kitchens in one-room apartments or dorms are usually quite small and you usually don’t need to have huge cookware and tools when you’re only making food for yourself. Lo and behold, the mini rectangular fry pan for one! mini rectangular frypan.jpgThis frypan is super cute and convenient to store and the perfect size for making meals for yourself!

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Daiso Mall

Survival Tip: Shopping for essential items in Korea.

In the first week after your arrival in Korea, you might not know what to do first. Before you start travelling and having fun, you need to buy the necessaries!


If you live in a dormitory, basic things will be served. However, there are still things you need to buy such as detergent, wastebasket, etc. Here are some helpful tips you should know before going on a shopping spree.

1. Learn the Korean words of the basic items.

Let’s learn how to pronounce these words in Korea so that you can order the items without so much trouble.

1. Detergent = 세제 (Se jae)


2. Hanger = 옷걸이 (Ot geol i)


3. Wastebasket = 쓰레기통 (Ssu re gi tong)

다운로드 (2)

4. Blanket = 이불 (I bul)

다운로드 (3)

5. Clothes horse = 빨래건조대 (Bbal lae gun jo dae)

다운로드 (5)

6. Clothes basket = 빨래바구니 (Bbal lae ba gu ni)

다운로드 (4)

2. Know where you can go grocery and item shopping!


1. Daiso (다이소)

It’s a $1 shop where you can get things at a cheap price but the quality isn’t guaranteed.


2. E-Mart (이마트)/ Lotte Mart (롯데마트)/ Homeplus (홈플러스)

They are the Korean versions of Wal-Mart. You can find almost everything at this big mart.

3. In case you need to do dry cleaning,


1. Cleantopia (크린토피아)

It is a big chain cleaning company and easy to find almost everywhere. It sometimes has a laundromat also and you can get your laundry done at a cheap price.


2. Cleanwith (크린위드)

It is also similar with Cleantopia. You can also get a cheap cleaning service here.

Welcome to Korea and don’t forget to travel around! 🙂