Travel Tips: How to Get from Incheon Airport to Seoul, Korea

As a traveler, you get exhausted from your long flight and you just want a simple method of getting from the airport to your hotel or destination in Seoul.

As soon as you pass the doors from immigration, you will be swarmed by men promising to drive you to Seoul for 50,000+ won for a taxi to the city or any destination. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS as it is just another taxi scam just like every other country.

For future reference, if any taxi does not use the meter and you feel you have been ripped off or overcharged, write or take a picture of their plate number and email or call the Korea Tourism Organization Tourist Complaint Center (☎ 02-735-0101, 02-1330). It is against the law for them to do so.

Scroll down to see the transfer/transport options on how you can get to your destination once you land at Incheon International Airport!

1. Shuttle Train

arex-airport-express-train.jpgTravelers can easily access from Incheon International Airport to Seoul by trains operated by Airport Railroad Express (AREX). There are two types of trains: Express and All Stop Train.

The Express Train runs non-stop from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station and the All Stop Train passes through 11 subway stations.

Here are 11 subway stations that are included in the Airport Railroad Line.rail_roadThe fare for Express train costs 8,000 won and takes only 43 minutes from Incheon Int’l Airport to Seoul Station.

You can purchase an Express Train Pass at 45 Booth on Level 1 of Incheon International Airport, AREX Travel Center, Express Train Passenger Information Center located inside the Transportation Information Center on the B1 level of Incheon International Airport.

Or you can purchase the AREX ticket online in advance at a 10% discount here.

For All Stop Train, the fares and travel times will vary by your destination.

See the map below that shows how to get to these shuttle trains from the Airport Passenger Terminal.20120522202715305제목 없음

2. Buses

incheon airport (1).jpgThe next option is taking the buses leaving from the airport to their respective cities. The ticket booths are located as soon as you go outside.

You can find information about the buses and tickets at Exits 4 and 9 before exiting the terminal or right outside (don’t cross the street) at exits 4,6,7,8,9C, 11 and 13. Take a look at the map below.
img_busroute01Here’s an explanation of what information your bus ticket gives you:1401491_1_208

  1. Refer to name of the location you’re traveling to.
  2. Price of the ticket.
  3. Bus platform number. From the picture above, 04B (circled in blue on the far left) refers to Gate No. 4 and the side of the gate to take the bus (A for the left, B for the right).

1401491_1_209Now that you purchased your ticket, it’s time to go to the platform and ride the bus. Look for the platform sign that corresponds to your ticket. You’ll find an explanation of the platform sign below:

  1. Departure times.
  2. Identification of the bus platform.
  3. The direction of the bus route. Here, it indicates that the bus will head to City Hall Area.
  4. Indicates which stops the bus makes.

3. Taxis

The next option you can take into consideration is the official taxis of their respective cities of Seoul, Incheon and the Gyeonggi Province offices.

They are located on the first floor of the passenger terminal between platforms 4D and 7C. See the map below.

There are no long-distance charge premiums. The only time that any extra charges may incur is when you take a Seoul-based taxi to another city that is not Seoul such as Incheon or Ansan.img_1021This is an example of the international taxis with fully licensed English-speaking drivers.800px-20101018_kia_k5_taxi_01Basic Taxi Fare:제목 없음Estimated Taxi time & fares (The basic fee excludes toll fees and an extra 10,000 will be added to the total amount):제목 없음

4. Private Van

Door-to-door private transport is definitely an option to consider if you want to ensure everything goes smoothly on your first day of arrival.

You don’t need to worry about how to get to your destination with heavy luggage bags on the public transportation. It is more comfortable and convenient than a taxi and more cost-effective than a limousine. If you want to arrange a private transfer service from Incheon Airport (ICN) or Gimpo Airport (GMP) to any of your final destinations in Seoul, click here.seoul-incheon-private-vanIf you only opt for a luggage delivery service, click here to book in advance.

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Awesome Incheon Intl. Airport Amenities You Probably Didn’t Know About

Besides the fact that Incheon Intl. Airport is highly reputed as one of the best airports worldwide, how much do you know about it?
Well, Incheon Airport is rated as the world’s cleanest airport and the world’s best international transit airport according to Skytrax. However, there are whole lot more amenities you may have not known before.
So now, let’s explore and find out all the little-known awesome amenities that the Incheon International Airport has to make your travel way better! 😉

 1. Clean-Up Air (Laundry Service)

incheon-airport-amenities-24Drop by ‘Clean-Up Air’ if you need to keep your coat and clothes! This is the only place in Incheon  Intl. Airport that offers laundry service with excellent quality dry cleaning and laundry.incheon-airport-amenities-23Clean Up Air opens from 8:00 am til 20:00, and you can find it on the west side of the B1 Floor of Public Area.

2. Spa on Air (Sauna & Massage)

‘Spa on Air’ is a Korean style sauna, ‘Jjimjilbang,’ that is open 24/7 in Incheon Intl. Airport. Here, you can keep your baggage and also sweat out all the toxins and relax! It’s an ideal spot for passengers whose flight time is early in the morning and for those who arrive at midnight.incheon-airport-amenities-17The fee costs 15,000 KRW for daytime, and 20,000 KRW for night time. You can use a private sleeping room by prior arrangement. It is located on the east side of the B1 Floor of Public Area.

3. Inha University Hospital

incheon-airport-amenities-19In a case of emergency, keep in mind that there’s Airport Medical Center Inha University on the east side of B1 Floor of Public Area. If you need any medical service, run down to this medical center. It also offers service in English for foreign travelers and visitors, so don’t worry about complications in communication. 😉

4. Fast Track

Incheon Airport has a great service called ‘Fast Track’, or ‘Priority Lane’ on the east side of the 3rd floor. It runs from 7:00 am to 19:00 am.incheon-airport-amenities-11With a Fast Track Pass, mobility-impaired passengers, such as pregnant women, disabled, seniors over 80, can enjoy quicker access to the security checks and to the boarding area.

5. Look Optical

incheon-airport-amenities-22Located on B1 Floor of Public Area, there’s a boutique called ‘Look Optical’ where you can find glasses, lens, and sunglasses that come in all sorts of styles. So if you lose your glasses or lens during the trip, try getting a new one at Look Optical. 🙂

6. ASEM Geenia (Hair Salon)

incheon-airport-amenities-18Want a new makeover to your hairstyle? Incheon Airport has a hair salon, ‘ASEM Geenia’ where you can get a great haircut, permanent wave, nail art and more! You can find it on the east side of B1 Floor of Public Area and it runs from 10:00 am til 20:00 pm.

7. Internet Cafe / Zones

If you are looking for free internet service, Incheon Airport has several internet cafes and zones both in the Regular Area and Duty-free Area.incheon-airport-amenities-15incheon-airport-amenities-26incheon-airport-amenities-1For example, Internet Cafe by Cafe Bene on the 3rd Floor of the Boarding Area offers free internet service, fax & print service, and coffee, too!

8. Photo Booth

incheon-airport-amenities-14In case you need to take an ID photo, there are photo booths on the 3rd Floor of Public Area near Check-in Counter G and F where you can instantly take passport photos.

9. Ice Forest (Inline Skating Rink)

Have you ever seen an airport with an inline skating rink? Well, inside the Incheon Airport Transportation Center (CAT and KTX Station), there’s an indoor inline skating rink that is open all year-round, from 10:00 am til 20:00 pm. The skate rental fee costs 2,000 KRW for children, 3,000 KRW for teenagers, and 4,000 KRW for adults .

incheon-airport-amenities-4FYI, children must be 6 years of age and older to use the inline skating rink and they must be accompanied by guardians. incheon-airport-amenities-3So, if you have spare time until your flight time, why don’t you enjoy family fun with your kids at this wonderful play space?

10. CGV Movie Theater

incheon-airport-amenities-5When you have plenty of waiting time till your flight, why not watch a movie? In Incheon Airport, there’s CGV Theater where you can watch the latest movie. You can find the theater in the Transportation Center (CAT and KTX Station).incheon-airport-amenities-6Screening Time: Weekdays (09:00~25:00), Weekends (09:00~26:00)
※ Screening time can be adjusted by the theater.

11. Lost & Found Center

incheon-airport-amenities-20If you lose any of your belongings, run over to ‘Lost & Found Center’, where all the lost and found items are handled! Located on the west side of B1 Floor of Public Area, Lost & Found Center runs from 7:00 am til 22:00 pm.

12. Nursery Rooms

incheon-airport-amenities-8Pregnant women or guardians with an infant under age 3 may want to check out the nursery rooms in Incheon Airport. With nursing equipment, diaper changing tables to washbasins, and many more, these nursery rooms are equipped with everything you need for nursing! Plus, they are free!

13. Baby Stroller Rentals

incheon-airport-amenities-10Need free baby stroller or wheelchairs? incheon-airport-amenities-25You can rent wheelchairs and baby strollers at every information desk as well as Korean Air Family Care Service Office on the 3rd floor next to Gate 2. Just remember to return it at the boarding gate. 😉

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