What Every Traveler Needs to Know about Renting a Car in Jeju Island

What is an efficient and convenient way to get around Jeju Island? Of course, by renting a car and driving!

It’s reasonably affordable than hiring a car and a driver and a convenient way to see the beautiful natural wonders without going through the hassle of using a public transportation.

For travelers who want to get around by driving in Jeju Island, we’ve put together all the vital info as well as useful tips for saving money on a car rental that every traveler should know! 😉

A. Requirements for Renting a Car in Jeju Island

1. Have a Valid International Driving Permit (IDP)

id-cardThose who wish to drive in Jeju Island (including other parts of South Korea) must have a valid driver’s license, or International Driving Permit (IDP).

Some car rental companies may ask for both the IDP and the local driver’s license (which must be issued by the country of your residence). But because the rental requirements differ by companies, it’s better to browse through each company’s website in advance. 😉

Do take note that it is impossible to drive in Korea with a foreign issued license only. So check whether your IDP or driver’s license issued in your country is valid in Korea or not before hopping on a plane to Jeju island!

Only those that are issued by a member state of the Geneva Convention and the Vienna Convention are recognized in Korea.

For more info on Foreign Driver’s License and the IDP, check out Korean Driver’s License Agency’s website.

2. Never Forget to Bring Your Passport!

passportBring your passport (for identification purposes) and also have a copy of your passport (some companies may ask for it). The names on your IDP and your passport must be the same. If not, your driving permit will be denied.

3. Pay with Your Own Credit Card

credit-cardThe rental fees are only accepted via your own credit card. If you want to make payment via other options such as bank transfer or Alipay, click here.

B. Driver Qualifications in Jeju Island

steering-wheelThe driver must be 21 or older with a driving experience of at least one year. If you are qualified, you can drive all types of vehicles in Jeju island.

Keep in mind that the requirement for driver qualification in Jeju Island is different from that of other parts of South Korea.

C. Want to Add Additional Driver?

When renting a car, you can add additional driver (limited to one only). This additional driver must also register and go through the confirmation process with the rental company and yes, everything is free of charge.

D. Car Rental Insurance

car-collisionAll the vehicles are covered by the basic general insurance, but you can choose to pay an optional insurance if you want.

Also, the drivers are liable to compensate the rental company for the loss of use (due to damage or theft for example).

The charge for the loss of use is calculated by per-day and it’ll be 50% of the car’s daily rental fee.

For example, if your damaged vehicle’s daily rental rate is 50,000 KRW and took 2 days to repair (50,000 x 4 = 200,000), you have to compensate 100,000 KRW (50% of 200,000) to the rental company.

E. Where to Rent a Car at Jeju International Airport

Look for the ‘Rent-a-Car’ Building

Exit through Gate 5 when you arrive at Jeju International Airport. Turn right and follow the pedestrian path until you reach the Rent-a-Car building.

In this building, you can a number of car rental companies, all of which offer reservation services and same-day car rentals. The rental rates are similar or less, so compare them before you rent the car.

F. How to Save Your Money on Car Rentals

1. Avoid Same-day Car Rental!

rent-a-carYou may want to avoid renting a car on site on the day of arrival. There is a huge difference in the rental rates between on-site and online so book online in advance if you want to save some budget on a car rental.jeju-car-rentalSince Jeju Island is a famous tourist destination popular among both locals and tourists alike, you may not be able to rent a car on-site especially if you’re traveling during high season. Thus, the best option is to rent a car online in advance. If you want to book online, click here. 😉

2. Take Pictures or Videos

photo-cameraAs soon as you take over the car, the first thing you should do is to take pictures or videos of the exterior of the car. Also, check inside the car thoroughly and see if there is anything that could potentially be considered a damage.

If you skip this process, you might have to pay money for something like scratches, loose parts and many more that you didn’t do, which would make your day awful.

3. Check the Gasoline

racesBefore you drive away, check how much gasoline is left and refuel your vehicle immediately at the nearest local gasoline station.

When you return the car, don’t return it with the tank full of gasoline (it’s non-refundable, so just drive around as much as you can and return it with little leftover of gasoline).

4. Return the Car at Least an Hour Before

rentingJust in case of parking difficulties or post-accident matters, it’s strongly recommended that you arrive at the Rent-a-Car building and return the car at least an hour before your flight! 😉

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