Nami Island Guide for Foodies | Where & What to Eat

Treat yourself after enjoying the beautiful scenery in Nami Island!

Being one of the most-visited tourist hotspots near the capital city of Seoul, Nami Island attracts large crowds of visitors looking for beautiful natural scenery.

While it is widely known for its amazing natural attractions, the island also offers fun foodie experiences.

For foodies, here we have picked our favorite restaurants and cafes in Nami Island, with their signatures or must-try menus!

For the locations of the cafes and restaurants featured in this blog post, refer to our map below.nami-island-trazy-map

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5 Best Places to Eat & Drink in Nami Island

1. Dongmoon

Dongmoon Restaurant serves Asian fusion cuisine and it is the only halal-certified restaurant on the island which gives more choices for Muslim and vegan travelers.

| Must-try Menus: Stir-fried eggplant with eohyang sauce (22,000 KRW~)

| Location: 1st Floor of Baplex building


2. Yeonga Lunch Box

Yeonga Lunch Box serves ‘dosirak’, or a Korean-style lunch box, which is one of the cheapest menus you can find on Nami Island. The best way to enjoy ‘dosirak’ is to shake the lunchbox before you eat!

| Must-try Menus: Korean-style lunch box (6,500 KRW)

| Location: 1st Floor of Baplex building


3. Book Café

Looking for a light lunch? Head over to Book Cafe. It is a unique cafe where you can find walls filled with books, and a variety of drink and dessert options.

| Must-Try Menus: Natural Ice Cream (4,000 KRW)

| Location: Inside the Baplex building


4. Swing Café

Offering a gorgeous view of Bukhan River, combined with soft music playing in the background, no other cafe can beat the atmosphere of Swing Cafe.

| Must-try Menus: Croissants which are freshly baked 3 times a day (2,200 KRW for each), Pine Nuts Flavored Gelato (5,000 KRW)

| Location: 1st Floor of the Song Museum near the entrance of the island


5. Snow Cafe

Stop by the Snow Cafe where you can find cute snowmen statues to take pictures with. Try the bread that looks like a snowman or enjoy the sundaes and cakes!

| Must-try Menus: Snowman Bread (3,000 KRW for 6 pcs)

| Location: Near Customer Service Center in Gapyeong Wharf


| NOTE: Except for Swing Cafe and Snow Cafe, the rest of the spots are located in and around ‘Baplex’ building, a large food-and-drink complex situated in the center of Nami Island (refer to the map above).

Other must-try treats in Nami Island

Don’t miss out on Nami Island’s tasty sweet treats, ‘Snowman Hotteok (Korean sweet pancake)’ and ‘Mayak Oksusu (roasted corn)’! They are extremely popular especially during the winter months.

People standing in line to buy Snowman Pancake.
If you haven’t tried Korean sweet pancakes yet, now’s your time.
This roasted corn is sooo addictive!

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Korean Cafes’ New Holiday Drinks Every Coffee Lover Must Try This Winter

Nothing’s more perfect than a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day, right?

If you’re a coffee lover, definitely check out these new delicious winter drinks served at Korean cafes to cozy up this winter!

1. Angel-in-us CoffeeAngel-in-us.jpg

Angel-in-us has come out with three drinks to keep you warm and let you have a warm winter: A bright Purple Sweet Potato Latte, rich Irish Coffee and creamy Eggnog Latte!

2. A Twosome Place

A Twosome Place has also released three delicious winter drinks. Among them, one that particularly stands out is the White Cream Tiramisu Latte (doesn’t the name itself make you salivate?). Not to mention the adorable snowflake decor on top!Twosome.jpgThere’s also a Pistachio Latte and Vin Chaud, which is a blend of mulled wine with sweet fruits.

3. Holly’s Coffee

Holly’s certainly is feeling festive with their drinks.  Don’t worry as just because Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy these drinks with festive cheer thrown into them! There’s Toffee Delight, Belgian Cafe Mocha, Mint Chocolate and Real Belgian Chocolate!

4. Paik’s Coffee

Paik's Coffee.jpg

Known for their cheap and affordable prices and large range of drinks, Paik’s Coffee has released a Chocolate White Mocha, Tiramisu Latte and  Classic White Chocolate! Mmmm just look at all that chocolate powder.

5. Tom N Toms

Last but definitely not least, Tom N Toms has come out with five “romantic” drinks to fill your winter with some love. Romantic Cinnamon Mocha, Mint Mocha, Milk choco, Mint Choco and Cinnamon Choco. They even come with an adorable candy cane stirrer!

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Angel-in-us Coffee
Paik’s Coffee

Koreans’ Favorite Winter Street Foods & Treats You Must Try

Korean street food is a major thing that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re in Korea! You’ll find them lining the streets of Seoul in places like Hongdae, Ewha Womans University, Itaewon, Daehakro and many more!

Best of all, they’re both cheap and delicious! Here are some of our favorites for the winter.

1. Egg Bread (“Gyeran Bbang”)

As the name suggests, this sweet, hot and fluffy little loaf of bread has a whole egg inside that will arise with warm steam when you bite into it. It’s the perfect snack to warm you up during the freezing winter!

2. Goldfish Bread (“Boong-uh-ppang”)

Shaped like a fish and full of sweet red bean filling, this delicious treat has been around for decades and is a nostalgic snack to Koreans. A “boong-uh” is a crucian carp, which looks like a big goldfish.

There’s also a more recent version with ice cream and strawberries in its mouth!

3. Herb Cup Chicken

A variation of Korean style fried chicken consisting of fried potato nuggets, rice cakes and fried chicken all topped with a sweet and spicy sauce and mustard! Yum!

4. Sweet Korean Pancake (“Hotteok”)

Another food that’s perfect for the cold is “Hotteok”, a warm, gooey and sweet dessert pancake filled with sugar, honey, nuts and cinnamon. Isn’t your mouth watering just thinking about it?

5. Sweet and Sour Pork with Cheese

#이대 #탕수육 #치즈컵탕수육 오랜만에 먹으니까 더 맛있당 #먹스타그램

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Also known as “Tang Soo Yook”, this sweet and sour pork is filled to the brim in a cup or container and drizzled with lots of cheese!

6. Chicken Skewers (“Dakkochi”)

This skewer is filled with chewy chicken, green onions and glazed with various marinades and sauces such as spicy chili, soy sauce and barbecue!

7. Croquettes

A croquette is a small breadcrumbed fried food roll containing ingredients like shrimp, mozzarella, sweet potato, vegetable, curry, potato and more!

8. Water Drop Pudding

Sounds odd, but it’s actually quite delicious! Originally from Japan, it resembles a large drop of water, but is actually a cake. There are flavors like strawberry, mango, plain and more as well as glazes and a helping of sliced almonds on the side. Consume within 30 minutes or it will turn into a sweet puddle of water!

9. Deep-fried Squid (“Ozzang”)

Known as “Ozzang,” this is a skewered squid that is deep fried whole. The oil is changed once or twice a day to guarantee top taste and crispiness. You can get it in plain, spicy and sweet onion flavors!

10. Tornado Big Hotdog


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A staggering 32 centimeters long, this sausage is wrapped in pastry and comes in 3 flavors: original, cheese and spicy! It’s sure to be a hearty and delicious meal!

Which foods have you already tried and which are you dying to try? Let us know and make sure you check out our post on Myeongdong street foods as well here!

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A Fusion of K-Pop and Food Brings the Best Collaboration Ever

K-Pop fans, prepare to be strapped for cash as you blow all your money on these goodies from this awesome collaboration. SM Entertainment already has multiple stores open to the public selling exclusive goods and merchandise as seen here as well as a surround viewing concerthologram concert, and hologram musical.

This time E-Mart, the biggest discount mall in Korea has teamed up with SM Entertainment to stock the shelves with an array of food and drink items featuring your favorite stars such as Super Junior, TVXQ, EXO and Girl’s Generation. For those of you looking to take home something featuring your favorite K-pop star while also satisfying your taste buds, read on!

1. SHINee

Featuring aqua blue packaging that’s as refreshing and fresh-faced as SHINee themselves, this collection features sautéed red pepper paste in seafood, nut, and beef flavors, sweet and salt flavored popcorn, lemon flavored sparkling water and finally cheese and snack sausages.

The red pepper pastes are not only perfect for mixing with rice and sesame oil to produce a simple meal but also feature the member’s beautiful faces. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

2. Super Junior

One of SM’s earliest formed and still active groups, Super Junior is endorsing ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake) sauce, sea salt and pepper corn flavored potato chips, sweet and peanut flavored popcorn, sea salt flavored popcorn, Habanero ramyeon and jjamppong (spicy Korean-Chinese noodle).

The jjamppong is very popular, with the flakes you sprinkle over the chewy noodles packed with squid, onions, red peppers, beef and even shrimp. The sea salt flavored popcorn is another favorite. You definitely won’t be”sorry sorry” for purchasing them.

3. EXO

Need we really say more? Packaged in sleek black and white with their futuristic cubic logo as a finishing touch, this range features sparkling water and the already famous jjajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles) and jjamppong which have been blowing up on social media with fans purchasing boxes of them in bulk to take home.


Much like their masculine and sexy image, the TVXQ range features spicy and barbecue flavored popcorn, almond and caramel flavored popcorn, truffle chocolates, and lobster flavored chips. There’s even health food, such as 6-year-old red ginseng extract available in stick, capsule and tablet form for your convenience. The striking black and gold packaging is sure to catch your eye in stores.

5. Girl’s Generation

With their exemplary ruling status among female K-Pop groups, this collection has gorgeous and girly packaging featuring Thai sweet chili flavored chips, cheese caramel mix popcorn, and powdered vitamins.The packaging on the vitamins is so pretty that it almost looks like an album!

6. Red Velvet

Just like how their group name combines the strong and fierce image of red with the soft and feminine image of velvet, this sparkling water is a delicious blend of fizzling soda and smooth grapefruit.

7. F(x)

Red light? Nope, you’ll definitely be hitting the green light as you race to sweep up these purchases with F(x). Enjoy cheddar cheese and onion flavored chips, butter and coconut flavored popcorn and rainbow gum. There’s even an anti-drowsiness gum with caffeine in it, perfect for preventing your eyelids from drooping as you drive late at night, cram for finals or work overtime

If you want to purchase K-Pop goods aside from these, check out our post on where to buy K-Pop goods in Seoul here.

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5 Korean Menu Translation Fails That Are Just Hilarious!

For foreign travelers to Korea, reading Korean restaurant menus is one of the hardest things to do. Even though most of the Korean restaurant menus do have English names, some of them are translated word-to-word, not word-to-meaning, which ends up being translated in a disaster.

Here are some of the Korean restaurant menus that are translated “seriously wrong” that will crack you up!

1. Gomtang

13709242614_30113a042b_b.jpgIf you think there’s a real bear meat in this soup, then you’re absolutely wrong! The soup, “Gom-tang”,  is one of the most mistranslated names that creates a chaos among foreigners.

It is a Korean soup that is made with various beef parts such as ribs and bones. The name is supposed to be translated as ‘Beef Bone Soup’ not ‘Bear Soup’. While ‘Tang’ means soup in Korea, the very confusion comes from the word ‘Gom’ in its name, which literally means ‘bear’ in Korean. However! Gom refers to boiling a soup for a long time.

2. Yukhoe

meat-597951_1920Okay, this one’s a total nonsense. A Korean local dish called “Yukhoe” is mistranslated into ‘Six Times’ when it really should have been ‘Beef Tartare’. How crazy is that?!

Well, because ‘yuk’ and ‘hoe’ are homonyms and they have two meanings at the same time, the automatic translator just literally gave Yukhoe a weird English name, ‘Six Times’.

3. Gamjatang

food-836806_1920You better read this before you go to “Gamjatang” restaurants in Korea because it’s another Korean menu that is often misunderstood!

The word “Gamja (potato)” from “Gamja-tang” often confuses foreigners because it makes you think of a yellow-colored potato soup when it is actaully a red-colored pork back-bone stew with potatoes.

4. Dakttongjip

This one is hilarious and for this part, no other description is needed. “Dak-ttongjip”, which is a stir-fried chicken gizzard, is mistranslated as ‘Chicken Asshole House’.

5. Dongtaejjigae

[coolpix]  동네 동태집 15.08.18_4A “Dynamic stew”?! Somebody’s got to fix those automated translators seriously. “Dongtae-jjigae (Pollack Stew)” is ridiculously translated as a Dynamic Stew because the word “Dongtae” has two meanings, ‘dynamic’ and ‘pollack’. Guess the translator took only ‘dynamic’ into consideration during the process.

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2016’s Top 10 Street Food You Must Try in Myeongdong

allowto_freedownload_snap_217Eating street food is one of the best things you can experience in Korea. And one of the best places to enjoy them is Myeongdong, a shopping area that is very popular among locals and foreigners alike. 5224606449_938e02e260_bYou can find plenty of street foods from typical ones that have a long history in Korea such as ‘Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake)‘ or Cup Chicken to the most trendiest ones like ‘Ddalgi (Strawberry) Mochi‘ and Rainbow Cotton Candy.

Check out our list of 2016’s top 10 street foods every traveler should try in Myeongdong.

1. Crepe

1Paris is not the only city you can taste these crepes! Try the Koreanized ones. Choose toppings from a selection of banana, cereal, Nutella and many more ingredients and get your crepe upgraded.

2. Strawberry Mochi (Ddalgi-Mochi)

2‘Mochi’ is a cute-looking Japanese-style rice cake filled with fresh strawberry and red bean custard. It looks very similar to ‘chapssalddeok‘, a Korean rice cake with red bean sauce inside (if you have ever seen one before, you know what we’re talking about).4871185882_8d9ff29750_bThe chewy texture of the rice cake and a sweet and fresh strawberry go together very well!

3. Colorful Cotton Candy (Somsatang)

Say goodbye to ordinary cotton candies. Buy one of these Rainbow Cotton Candies and take a picture. It sure will look fantastic. Nowadays, they come in various shapes like the beautiful floral cotton candies in the picture on the right.

4. Strawberry Fondue (Ddalgi Fondue)

0bf6e-10899499_877116485643051_438769925_nA chocolate fondue fountain in the middle of the street? Seems quite unsual, but these strawberries dipped in dark and white chocolate do taste great.

5. Churros

Photo in courtesy of yohandb


When you travel around Seoul, it is highly likely that you come across shops and stalls selling churros. In the past, they were sold only at select locations like movie theaters and amusement parks, but nowadays, they can be easily found in hot spots including Hongdae, Itaewon and of course, we cannot leave out Myeongdong. From plain, cream, chocolate to blueberry flavored churros, they come in a variety of flavors, so pick one according to your taste.

6. Bbopgi / Dalgona (Korean sweet candy)

8702365170_16cc852478_bBbopgi‘, also known as ‘Dalgona’, is a Korean sweet candy made from melted sugar and baking soda. Long ago, it was very easy to find it on the street but it is difficult to find places that sell bbopgi, but luckily, you can find them in Myeongdong.

8The name ‘bbopgi’ originated from the act of trimming off in order to make various shapes of candy. If the trimming is completed successfully without breaking the candy, you can get another free bbopgi, which makes it fun for both kids and adults. It costs 1,000 KRW.

7. Subak Juice (Watermelon Juice)

160605 4In Myeongdong, you can find many stalls that sell fruit juice and fruit sticks, but of all, you should try the 100% watermelon juice. This summertime favorite are just perfect when you want to quench your thirst.

8. Long Soft Ice Cream

516ba-img_8144Don’t miss this iconic ice cream in Myeongdong! It is about 30cm long. Be careful not drop it. Sometimes people accidentally drop it (how unlucky…).

9. Tornado Potato

fried-tornado-potato-1308954_1920Tornado Potato is a deep fried swirl-cut potato that wraps around a long stick. Once they are friend, they are rolled over cheese powder.

The original Tornado Potato has been around for quite some time, so try the new type, which has a sausage inside. Yummmm~

10. Fries

You can find tons of fried foods (fried shrimp, Korean hotdog, fried squid, fried crab, etc) around the streets of Myeongdong and they are just irresistible!

Now, if you have added these items on your food bucket list, go on a culinary adventure to Myeongdong to cross them off! Let’s see how many you have tried. 😉