The Most Rejuvenating Experience Ever at Whoo Spa (formerly O HUI Spa) | Review & Tips

Greetings, travelers! I’m a member of Trazy Crew, this time here with a review of Whoo Spa, formerly known as O HUI Spa, and my experience there!img_8575It’s no secret that Korea is a country obsessed with skincare and beauty. I love makeup and skincare, but I’ve never been to a spa before where they massage your face and back with oils and everything.

I guess it’s because I don’t really want to be splashing out so much cash on something that doesn’t have results obvious to others.

The only relatively similar place I’ve gone to is a dermatologist. However, I really did want to wind down and relax at Whoo Spa where I received the body and facial cares.

About Whoo Spa

Whoo Spa, formerly known as O Hui Spa, is known for being a “beauty secret healing hideout” to its customers, providing various facial and body aesthetic programs that guarantee amazing results.fotorcreatedPeople from all over the world visit and many Korean celebrities also get pampered here such as Choi Yeo-jin, Park Ha-sun, and Cho Yeo-jung. It is also the only spa entrusted as a Gangnam Medical Tourism Partner.

How to Get to Whoo Spa

The spa is located in Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong, a trendy, hip, and upscale neighborhood with lots of places to dine and shop in. You’ll also see a lot of well-dressed people passing by. The area is full of energy and vitality regardless of the time of day, so many tourists flock there.img_8563Whoo Spa is in a more quiet location up a small hill in a luxurious and secure residential neighborhood. For a map and more detailed directions, click here.

First Impressions?

Right off the bat, I could immediately tell that it was a posh and upscale place. The layout and interior were more like a house rather than a spa, with a mini chandelier and large wooden staircase leading up to the spa in the entrance.

Inside, there were plush velvet seats, heavy wooden doors with gold signs, polished tiles on the walls and even a large open terrace area outside.
img_8577There were three different rooms labeled ‘VIP’, ‘Special’, and ‘Refresh.’

The ‘VIP’ room is for solo customers who usually purchase the special course or more expensive treatments, the ‘Special’ room is for two people, and the ‘Refresh’ room is for group guests.

The VIP room

What’s Different about Whoo Spa?

So what makes Whoo Spa different from the others? Well, first off, they use premium brand products instead of aesthetic products.

‘Whoo’ is actually a skincare and makeup brand currently modeled by actress Shin Min-a and their products are used during the facials. Other brands of products used include SU: M37.massageTheir concept is that they offer 1:1 specialized care. While most places would provide the same treatments with the same products regardless of the client’s skin type, Whoo lets you choose the products you want to be used or the consultant will give recommendations based on your skin type and condition.

They will also keep checking up on you throughout your treatment, adding or removing products depending on your condition, so you really will be getting unique and personalized care.

The consultation area

You will be able to fill in a sheet beforehand with information about your skin type, condition, what kind of products you want to be used, as well as any health or medical needs of concern (e.g if you’re on your period, have any injuries, or have gotten any aesthetic procedures recently). 

What kind of courses is available?

Whoo Spa offers 6 different course treatments:

  1. Facial Care: 70 mins
  2. Body Care: 80 mins
  3. Trazy Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders): 100 mins
  4. Special Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders / Special Massage Machines): 120 mins
  5. VIP Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders & Legs / Special Massage Machines): 150 mins
  6. VVIP Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders & Legs / Special Massage Machines): 180 mins

Click here for more details on each of the courses.

What were the facilities like?

I was given a gown and ushered into the powder room, told to strip from the waist up and wear the strapless gown. There was also a locker to store my belongings. lockerThe powder room was very clean and well equipped. There was a dressing table with makeup, skincare products, a hair dryer, brushes – pretty much everything you would need to freshen up afterward. img_8634The bathroom was also spotless and had a shower.img_8630I put my bag and clothes into the lockers provided and gave the key to the attendant. I was then led to the massage bed where I lay face down as she removed my gown and got to work.

The back massage took place on the orange bed in the ‘Refresh’ room

What’s It Like to Experience Beauty Care at Whoo Spa

I have a major tendency to sit hunched over in my chair so my muscles there are very tense. It also doesn’t make it any better that I wear a heavy purse on one shoulder all the time. The massage felt amazing.

It was a little uncomfortable at times but never painful – probably due to the fact that I had never had my muscles kneaded, stretched, and pulled in that way.

The attendant then rubbed aromatherapy oils on my back, which smelled heavenly.

My favorite was when she had her hand in a fist and rolled it over my upper back area, which was painful but so refreshing and satisfying that I couldn’t bear to ask her to stop.

The facial care beds

After the back massage, it was time for the facial care. I was led to another bed, where there was an interesting contraption called an air compression leg massager.

The attendant put the air massage boots, which were basically like airbags around my legs and turned on the machine.

The massagers would tighten and loosen around my legs over and over again, stimulating blood flow and providing relief for my tired and tense muscles.facial-careWhile my legs were being kneaded, the facial care started. I had my face double cleansed, dry skin patches removed, peeling to clear out my pores, and face masks and oils applied. I also received a décolleté (neckline) and scalp massage.scalp-massageThe décolleté massage helps with anti-aging, stimulating the production of collagen and tightening the skin to delay the onset of wrinkles while the scalp massage stimulates hair growth.

When the care was almost over as the attendant asked if I wanted a BB cream or sunscreen finish – I opted for sunscreen as I was going to reapply my makeup anyway.

Skincare sets like this were also available for purchase

Overall Evaluation of Whoo Spa

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the care and treatment. The facilities were all clean and the service was A+, with the attendants constantly checking up on me and asking if I was okay.

I also really liked how they explained what products they were using and what they were doing, so I knew what kind of effect it was having on me.

I was provided with 3 day’s worth of sample-sized skincare products, too! freebiesI am usually someone who flinches even if someone touches my shoulders and I don’t like massage chairs as they make me feel uncomfortable rather than relaxed, so the fact that I enjoyed this experience really surprised me. I definitely would love to look into getting massages on a regular basis.whoo-spa-thumbnailIf you would like to experience the Korean beauty care at Whoo Spa, online reservation is available here.

Looking for more K-beauty experiences and deals?

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Photo Credits
Whoo Spa’s Official Blog @ohuinonhyun
“Maldives” By romaneau

Travel Review: Attending the Jenny House Cheongdam Hill Opening Party!

Greetings, fellow Trazers! I’m a member of Trazy Crew here with a review of the famous Jenny House in Cheongdam, specifically their new branch called ‘Cheongdam Hill‘! jenny-house-entranceI had the opportunity to attend a party celebrating the opening of the new venue in the upscale and ritzy neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong. In case you’re not familiar with Jenny House, it’s a premium beauty salon with 5 locations in Korea that provides hair and makeup services as well as nail care, foot spas, and wedding consulting.

The shop is frequented by many top-class celebrities as shown below, and the staff does the makeup and hair of the stars for many movies and dramas too. For more info about Jenny House, click here.

Some of the celebrities among their clientele

The salon’s prices, as you can imagine, are nothing like normal salons. A basic haircut starts at around 55,000 KRW while hair dyeing and perms can cost as much as 440,000 KRW. Yup, definitely not like your average hair salon but I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and if the place is frequented by a whole list of famous celebrities, their skill and expertise must be outstanding.

The Cheongdam Hill branch opened not too long ago, combining the previous Cheongdam and Olive branches into one. The party was called a ‘Ki-bu and take party’, ‘Ki-bu’ meaning ‘charity’ in Korean. Makeup, skincare, and hair products from various brands were all going to be sold for only 10,000 KRW and all the proceeds would be donated to charity.invitationThere were also going to be celebrities attending, which was honestly the part I was most excited about. I mean, when else would I ever have the privilege of attending such a grand event like this, let alone possibly being able to see a celebrity from a few feet away?!

So I headed to the party dressed in what I would consider semi-formal attire. Thank goodness I didn’t wear the stilettos I’d originally planned on since the salon is located near the top of quite a steep hill in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I could tell where it was from quite a distance thanks to the flashing lights, blaring music, and the crowd of well-dressed people.locationAs soon as we stepped in through the doors, we were greeted warmly by the clean-cut and smartly dressed staff. The entrance was bustling with people and my first impression was that I was significantly underdressed. The majority of female guests had on tight-fitting dresses with sparkly details and sky-high stilettos, complete with fully made up faces and perfectly coiffed hair. However, I didn’t let that get to me and instead did a hair flip as I walked in as I was probably the youngest guest there to be invited.  interior-1We took the elevator to the third floor, which is the Hair & Headspa zone along with the fourth and fifth floor. The area was PACKED with people. I had imagined under one hundred guests since the event was quite exclusive, but I guess it just goes to show how popular the place is.

Me in the mirror on the fourth floor.

Funky music played as guests socialized and filled their stomachs with the huge spread of finger food, punch, and alcoholic drinks available. The lighting was a dimmed blue and purple, which added to the atmosphere.

I wish I got more food pictures…. There was everything from macaroons to sandwiches to rice burgers!

I was too busy stuffing my face with food to really pay major attention to anyone, but I did recognize a model Joo Won Dae from the fashion survival show, ‘Devil’s Runway’ being photographed in the corner.

Joo Won Dae in the red shirt

We then headed up to the fourth floor, where they were selling loads of skincare, makeup, and haircare products all for only 10,000 KRW. The craziest thing was that they were all high ends brands such as Shiseido, Benefit, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain, and Kerastase. I ended up purchasing a Shiseido lash serum that supposedly makes them grow significantly longer in just two weeks. 4th-floorThis was also where we spotted a few celebrities such as Han Ji-min (whose face was literally the size of my fist), Cha Ye-ryun, and Bae Soo-bin. There were many others who briefly attended the party, such as I.O.I’s Jeon So-mi and Kim Do-yeon, Son Dam-bi, Yuk Jidam, and B.A.P but we didn’t get a chance to see them in person.

From Left to Right: Han Ji-min, Cha Ye-ryun, Bae Soo-bin

The fifth floor was a very quiet space with nothing much going on, so we mainly roamed around the third and fourth floor eating food, taking pictures, and people-watching. Mirrors with flower petals scattered around them were on every floor, too, which was cute. chandelier-finalWhat really impressed me about the salon was the interior and space itself. Everything about the salon screamed luxury with the spotless bronze-gold leather chairs, fancy mirrors with ornate frames and spiraling patterns, pristine reception area with marble floors,  and the huge chandelier visible from the fourth floor.

I was in love with the mirror frames. So intricate and gorgeous!

The main color scheme seemed to be bronze and gold. As I briefly mentioned earlier, the third, fourth, and fifth floors cater towards hair care and styling, while the second floor is for nails and the first floor is for wedding makeup. jenny-house-inside-1High ceilings make the venue spacious and airy and some rooms were divided to create a private space for guests to comfortably get their hair and makeup done. There were also rooms dedicated to private care, such as the V.I.P scalp care room, nail care room, and foot spa room. seatsService is exquisite and posh and the staff also speak English, Japanese, and Chinese to cater to their international customers. I myself would love to get my hair or makeup done here for a special occasion. After all, the staff has years of experience and world-class celebrities as their clients, so I don’t doubt their artistry one bit. The official website lists all of the staff and the celebrities they style as well as a list of movies, dramas, commercials they’ve worked on.

The director’s clients include Song ji-hyo, Han ji-min, and Park ji-sung.

Bored with your current look? Then head on over to, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop to check out special deals for both men and women to get celebrity-inspired hair makeovers at Jenny House. There is also a makeup service. If you’re lucky, you might even sit next to your favorite celebrity as you get styled!  tumblr_oeketdmy731qleoujo1_540Overall, I had so much fun at the party and felt so honored to be invited to attend it. You can click here for more information about the venue. Finally, don’t forget to check out for more fun and informative posts like this one as well as up-to-date information on things to do in Korea! button_main 2

Photo Credits
Jenny House

Top 5 Korean Beauty Brand Sales in September Every Bargain Hunter Should Know About

September is the month signaling the start of Autumn, and with Korean Thanksgiving Chuseok just around the corner, Korean beauty brands are starting their seasonal promotions and sales, with items selling for up to 50% off! If there are new products that you’ve been wanting to try or you want to stock up on your favorites, now’s the time!

Check out our ultimate list of offline store-only deals for September below. These top Korean beauty brand stores are easy to find in major shopping districts in Seoul, such as Myeongdong, Hongdae, Ewha Womans University or underground shopping malls, and they are located near each other, making your shopping very convenient.

1. Etude House

Get ready to snatch up these products from the new Etude House Pink Skull collection, available in stores now until the 29th of September.etude house collectionAs the name suggests, everything from the mascaras, glosses to nail polishes are imprinted with an adorable pink skull design.

The more you buy, the more discounts you receive: 10% off for purchasing 1 item, 20% for 2, and 30% for 3 (excludes Pink Skull nail polish). However, there is no discount for a purchase of 4 items or more. Grab these limited edition products while you still can!

2. Innisfree 

How can you resist these colorful and cute designs by painter, illustrator and street artist Chris Uphues! Just look at those adorable googly eyes.innisfree.jpgThese pouches and card wallets are available in blue, black and beige and each features a unique design. Purchases over 30,000 KRW get you the wallet, while purchases over 50,000 KRW get you both. This offer is available while stocks last, so head to your nearest store to get yours now!

3. Missha 

Show your friends and family some love with these exclusive Chuseok gift sets, available for 20~30% off until the 18th of September.

There’s a large range to choose from such as body spray and shower gel, perfume and skincare, all packaged in sleek looking boxes. You can also receive a full size of the Layer Blurring Primer until the 18th  of September by purchasing the new Original Tension Pact.

Choose from 4 types of primers according to your skin’s needs-pore cover, tone control, long lasting and shimmer. A mini size of the pact is also given as a freebie if you purchase anything from the 2016 F/W Venetian Look collection.

4. Tony Moly

Tony Moly has jumped on the skin and body care sale bandwagon for Chuseok with the Lentil Bean and Prestige Jeju Snail skincare lines available for 20~50% off until Sept 15.160907-misshaAnd Pokemon fans, get ready for this. The Pokemon x Tony Moly collection is the embodiment of everything cute, and you’ll definitely want to catch em’ all! They’re currently having a 2 for 1 deal on the hand creams and face washes which feature 8 characters, each with a unique scent.

The collection is out until the 30th of September, so grab your favorite characters before they sell out! Finally, you’ve heard of facial and eye masks, but your feet need love too, so grab a Shiny Foot Peeling Mask to nourish and care for them with this 2 for 1 deal until the 30th of September!

5. Skinfood

From milk to honey to lemon, Skinfood’s products always look and sound absolutely delicious. They’ve also come out with Chuseok gift sets for 30% off until the 18th of September. Don’t be fooled as the items pictured below aren’t the only ones on sale. There are 22 sets to choose from, so take your pick.skinfood.jpgCheck out our 101 guide to must-have Korean cosmetics as well as our post on Mid range beauty brands to inspire your next shopping spree in Korea. You’ll also want to bookmark this post on regular sales periods of road shop cosmetic stores so that you don’t miss out on grabbing your favorite products.

Finally, don’t forget to stop by, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, for the latest tips and trendiest things to do in South Korea!button_main 2

Top 3 Must-Have Korean Beauty Products For Your Summer Adventures

Those of you who want to hit the waves in Busan or go kayaking on the waters of Jeju Island this summer can put away your concerns about keeping your looks clean and cool.

Here we bring you 3 hot Korean beauty products that will protect your skin and keep it radiant this summer.

1. Forencos ‘7 Days Mask’

7 Days Mask‘, or referred to as ‘Song Joong-ki 7 Days Mask’, is the latest beauty product released by Forencos, a relatively little-known Korean beauty brand that rose as one of the dominant players in the cosmetics sector after releasing this package of special mask sheets.

Currently, Song Joong-ki, the lead actor from the popular Korean drama called “Descendants of the Sun” whose fan base is enormous is modeling for ‘7 Days Mask’. Just because its model is the famous and popular celeb doesn’t mean the product is not effective.

As you have noticed from the name, ‘7 Days Mask’ consists of 7 sheet masks, each featuring 7 types of natural ingredients on each mask. With three more added, the package comes with 10 sheet masks and costs 30,000 KRW.

2. Gram ‘Double Chemi BanBan Pack’

This ‘BanBan Double Chemi Pack will save your face from getting oily this summer. It is a face pack with two different features: T-zone Pore Pack and U-zone Moisturizing Pack.

The green-colored pack is the T-zone Pore Pack and it includes volcanic ash clay, green tea extract, lemon balm and applemint extract that control sebum on the T-zone area, preventing excessive oil on your face.

The U-zone Moisturizing Pack, which is in orange, contains premium pumpkin extract and sweet almond oil. This pack is rich in nutrients and moisture and it is effective in tightening pores.

3. O Hui ‘Perfect Sun Water Span’

790581270O Hui’s ‘Perfect Sun Water Span‘ is a new type of UV protective compact foundation that comes in a new container made of spandex, which keeps the foundation moist all the time.

The foundation itself is made from a lily extract which makes your skin glow and supple. Since it’s sweat-proof, it is the perfect foundation you must buy for your summer.

The ‘Perfect Sun Water Span’ costs 40,000 KRW.

If you want to find out more about Korean beauty products, read our 101 Guide to 11 Must Have Korean Cosmetics or 7 Mid-Range Korean Beauty Brands You Should Know About – Best Sellers & New Arrivals.

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7 Mid-Range Korean Beauty Brands You Should Know About – Best Sellers & New Arrivals

Say goodbye to high-end luxury beauty brands. Now is the era of mid-range beauty brands! Thanks to the affordable price yet high quality and effectiveness, Korean beauty brands are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.

Here we bring you 7 mid-range Korean beauty brands you should know about and their best sellers and new arrivals.



One of the most beloved Korean beauty brands is Innisfree, which offers eco-friendly products that are created with healthy ingredients from Jeju Island.

Best Sellers

1. Super volcanic pore clay mask (13,000 KRW)250_img_super02.jpg

If you have concerns about your pore, try using this clay mask! Its super volcanic cluster capsules absorb sebum and tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and offer deep cleansing.

2. Soybean Energy Essence (35,000 KRW)innisfree

Innisfree’s best essence that is formulated with 91% fermented Jeju soybean, which will revitalize your skin back to healthy one.

3. The Green Tea Seed Serum (22,000 KRW)9741_l

A serum made from Jeju Island’s organic green tea seeds that will moisturize and nourish your skin deeply.

New Arrivals

Here are the new arrivals at Innisfree such as facial mask sheets like Anti-aging Mask Nuritive and cushion cases that come in more than 100 colors and designs!


unnamedEtude House is the first makeup brand in Korea that brings every girl’s fantasy to reality. With adorable design and lovely theme, the products feature cute and girlish style.

Best Sellers

1. Double Lasting Foundation SPF34 PA++ (18,000 KRW)320_20160310191008852

Long-lasting foundation provides perfect cover and thin, fitting feel.

2. Real Powder Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (18,000 KRW)320_20160510091956472

This innovative multitasking powder cushion provides all-day flawless face makeup with light and powdery finish.

3. Play Color Eyes #Ice Van (22,000 KRW)320_20160504155734883

The 10-color eye shadow palette expresses sweet ice cream colors on the eyelids!

New Arrivals20160512_lipstalk_600

Want to make your lips look attractive? Try this newly arrived lipsticks at Etude House. With vivid color and sensuous texture, Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Chiffon (9,5000 KRW) features Chiffon texture, which is a new texture with new formula that combines the best of both cream and matt types.

These lipsticks will last for long time and make your lips look thin and light!


เครื่องสำอาง_Skinfood_สกินฟู้ดSkinfood is the first Korean cosmetic brand with a philosophy that nutritive food results in nutritive beauty for healthy, beautiful skin. ‘healthy skin starts with food.’ Skinfood offers products made from the highest quality food

Best Sellers

1. Royal Honey Propolis Essence (20,300 KRW)7b27906d-9ea8-4b46-8c15-181c1ec26ea2

With 50% Black Bee Propolis extract, 20% Royal Jelly extract and 10% Royal Black Honey extract, this product has great effects for sensitive skin!

2. Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X –essential (24,000 KRW)340621e2-d837-45e2-a6c4-d566cef40f76

Made from black sugar and Cheongju, a traditional Korean wine, this product has skin-brightening and anti-wrinkle effects.


3. Yuja Water C Skin Care Set (36,000 KRW)529a1ff2-85e7-45ad-8081-307f444bfa3d

A set of products that contain yuja extract and moisturizing yuja oil that will keep your face moisturized all day.

New Arrivals

1. Vita Color Delicious Rouge (12,000 KRW)050feaad-3e45-46da-80ff-2fef7c323d92

A lipstick product with rich color and smooth texture!

2. Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes (21,000 KRW)752f8823-8cc2-488f-aaaa-6d9337139a48

This is a 6-color eye shadow palette for a natural color blend. From trendy to natural colors, try different styles and looks with this wonderful product!



4. NATURE REPUBLICfran_20150316175921_55

Nature Republic, similar to Innisfree, pursues healthy and natural beauty and uses ingredients like Californian Aloe, Moroccan Argan, African Shea Butter, Hawaiian Hibiscus and many more for their products.

Best Sellers

1. Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream (12,500 KRW)01_10010017NL8314_TSX1

A cream made from hyaluronic acid, which keeps skin moisturized and maintains moisture in skin for 72 hours!

2. Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream (66,000 KRW)01_10010017NL8088_XX500_1

With whitening and anti-wrinkle effects, this premium cream contains red ginseng extract, royal jelly with silk amino acids that are effective in nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

3. Forest Garden Olive Cleansing Oil (14,000 KRW)01_10010008NL8571_XX500

Made from natural olive oil, this cleansing oil gently removes makeup while moisturizing the skin. Strongly recommended for those with dry skin!

New Arrivals

Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Water (15,000 KRW)01_10010003NK0078_TSX1

A great set of cleansing water products that are made from Jeju Island’s clean spring waters. They remove your makeup and clean your facial skin simultaneously.



Tonymoly is a Korean beauty brand with a concept, “Witty Beauty.” It tries to deliver enjoyable urban beauty lifestyle!

Best Sellers

1. Back Gel Eyeliner (8,500 KRW)ddddd

Boasting strong waterproof feature, smooth apply, and high maintenance, Tonymoly’s gel eyeliner is highly reputed among the beauty experts.

2. Master Lab Mask Sheet (4 Types) (2,000 KRW ea)SS05034900.jpg

Cheap but are great in supplementing moisture and nourishment in your skin!

3. The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Skin (13,500 KRW)그린티스킨(1)

Made from fresh green tea leaves, this skin care product from Tonymoly will help you keep your skin moist all day long.

New Arrivals

1. Panda’s Dream Pact SPF25 PA++ (9,800 KRW)BM05012600-4
Tonymoly’s new pact with absolutely cute panda design!

2. Spoiler Blush Stick (11,800 KRW)BM07015500-1
If you prefer a creamy type of blusher that stays on your cheeks for a long time, try Tonymoly’s Spoiler Blush Sticks that come in adorable colors.



logo Moonshot is the first beauty brand launched by YG Entertainment, and you can find over 200 products including skin care line, color lines and many more.  Currently, G-Dragon from Big Bang and Sandara Park, or Dara, from 2NE1, are the models of Moonshot brand, so you can find GD cushion & Dara cushion at Moonshot.

cuenBest Sellers

1. Cream Paint (25,000 KRW)MS-cream_paint_804_F_500

With vibrant colors and a creamy texture, Cream Paint features two types: glossy and silky.

2. Perfection Dark Spot Concealer (20,000 KRW)MS-spot_concealer_201_F_500

This product not only covers your dark spots but also provides whitening and skincare effects. It boasts excellent coverage and can be used as a foundation.

3. Microfit Cushion (28,000 KRW)101_

Ultra light Microfit Cushion which express bright skin tone with anti-darkening formula.

New Arrivals

set3Perfect for men! This new 4 STEP FULL SET includes every beauty products that men need: Perfect Cleansing Foam, All In One Moisturizer, Grooming BB Cream SPF30, PA+++ and High Cut Sun Cream SPF 50+, PA+++. Try a visit to MOONSHOT Flagship Store. For details and directions, click here.


the faceshop.jpgThe Face Shop tries to deliver the benefits of the nature through their products that are best for your skin. Widely known for quality ingredients, The Face Shop products are beloved world wide.

Best Sellers

1. Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam (10,000 KRW)AF002350_01_1

Providing gentle cleansing effect, this cleansing foam made from rice water is the most popular product from The Face Shop!
2. Chia Seed Skincare Set (30,000 KRW)AF004591_01_2
This set includes a toner and a lotion made from chia seed that has great effect in moisturizing the skin deeply.

3. The Solution Mask Sheets (1,500 KRW ea)AF004424_01_1

Light and well-adhering, these mask sheets with basic function will solve your skin problem.

New Arrivals

Here are The Face Shop X Kakao Friends collaboration products that are irresistibly cute and unique!

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K-Beauty Celebrity Skin Care Deal You Shouldn’t Miss

160525 2What makes Korean celebs’ skin look so good? Well, let us tell you a secret tip, K-Beauty fans (and it’s obvious. The perfect way for you to make your skin like Korean celebs is to get the same skin care treatment from the same dermatologists who treat them! 001 (1)Here we present Grace Skin Clinic, one of the most visited dermatology clinics by Korean celebs situated in Seoul, that is run by two prominent female dermatologists: Dr. Choi Seunghye and Dr. Lee Hyeri. For details and directions, click here.korean-skincare-graceclinic-celeb.jpgJo Kwon, Chae Soo Bin and BTS or Bangtan Boys are some of the celebs who visited this clinic (no wonder their skins are glowing all the time). 😉

One of the most popular skin care programs offered at Grace Skin Clinic is the K-Beauty Korean Skincare Treatment Program , which starts at $140 USD. If you want to get a taste of celebrity skincare on a budget, this is what you are looking for.

Check out how your skin is going to be treated below. Depending on your skin condition and preference, special treatment in whitening, moisturizing, rejuvenation or vitamin injection is applied during the facial pack.160517_관리순서grace image 002Don’t miss this ultimate chance to detox your skin and shine like a star while you’re in Seoul. Go back home with a rejuvenated skin that will make you friends jealous!

See more Where To Get Skin Care, Hair Makeover & Beauty Services in Seoul.button31