Everland Discount Ticket Promotion for Foreigners Only on Trazy!

Trazy Everland

The Best Offers Just for Trazy Users

Option 1: 40% Off Discount Ticket

Everland, the biggest theme park in Korea, offers 40% off discount tickets only for foreigners via Trazy.

With Trazy, you can also book Everland discount tickets instantly and effortlessly.

Buy 40% off discount tickets to Everland here.everland-discount-ticket

Option 2: 40% Off Discount Ticket & Shuttle Bus Package

Save time on your research and just simply book this all-inclusive package that includes a ticket and a shuttle bus ride for Everland.

Get 40% off on Everland Discount Ticket & Shuttle Bus Package NOW!everland-shuttle-package

Option 3: 50% Off Everland Q-Pass

If you get Everland Q-Pass or Express Pass, you can simply skip the long queues at Everland’s 5 best attractions – T Express, Safari World, Lost Valley, Panda World and Amazon Express.everland-qpassIf you are planning to visit Everland on weekends or during high season, getting a Q-Pass is highly recommended. Buy Q-Pass here.

*Trazy is the official ticket seller of Everland Q-Pass.

Looking for more deals on Everland?

Option 4: Everland Round-trip Shuttle Bus Only (Seoul ↔ Everland) 

For those who need a ride to Everland from Seoul, book this round-trip shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus departs from three locations in Seoul: Hongik University Station, Myeongdong Station and Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station.

Please make sure to book Everland shuttle bus service in advance.everland-shuttle-bus

Option 5: Everland Discount Ticket & Private Van Package

Want a private driver and van to pick you up from your hotel in Seoul? Do you want to stay at Everland until the night parade?

Trazy’s private van package offers a comfortable trip to Everland from Seoul!everland-private-van

Option 6: Everland Full Day Package

If you want to spend the whole day at Everland with your friends and family, this is the perfect option for you.everland-full-dayWhat’s Included:

If you need help arranging your trip to Everland Theme Park, contact Trazy’s Customer Service Center via LINE, Kakaotalk, or Email today.

line @cea1141w

trazy-kakao @trazy

talk-to-us.png experience@trazy.com


44 thoughts on “Everland Discount Ticket Promotion for Foreigners Only on Trazy!”

  1. Yes you can use it anytime during your stay. The mobile ticket will be sent to you as soon as you complete the booking so you can use the ticket right away. 😀

  2. i have submit my booking for 3 adults and 1 child this morning for everland on 1st June 2016 but I have yet to receive any confirmation.

    1. Hello there. It seems like you haven’t completed the payment through paypal. If you completed your payment, you would have received a confirmation mail from paypal and another from us.
      We sent you a money request so that you can just complete your pay so please check your e-mail.
      Please make sure you complete the payment so that we can confirm your booking. 🙂

  3. Hello!

    My friend and I will be in Seoul in June. We are planning to purchase Everland Ticket + Shuttle. Our hotel is located in Myeongdong, at what station should we choose to be picked up? Is there a Myeongdong Station included in the choices? I’m sorry I can’t recall now.

    Will appreciate your immediate reply.


  4. Hello,
    I bought 5 tickets for Everland for Spring break but did not go because of weather. In the email, it states that I can use the tickets anytime before Dec. I just wanted to make sure that is really the case. Also, do we have to carry any identification to prove we are foreigners?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Sallie.
      Yes that is right, you can use the ticket until the end of the year. And if you’re a Korean American, you need to bring ID for verification.
      Hope this answers your question! 🙂

  5. Hi Trazy,

    Does Everland presently accept mobile tickets? I’ve read in the Korea tourism website before that mobile tickets are not allowed? Are there fireworks on a Tuesday May 24? I intend to rent a van for 4 persons for one way only from Everland to Seoul. Checked your website, it says duration is hour, what does it mean if travelling exceeds 1 hour there is additional charge on the US$75? If yes, how much? Thank you

    1. Hello there.
      We’ve sent you a detailed answer to your e-mail address that you wrote when you wrote this comment for better communication.
      Please check your e-mail please! 🙂

  6. Hi Trazy, I would like to book tickets for 2 for thursday 5 May but i am unable to buy it as the option is not available. Could you assist me in the purchase? Thanks!

  7. Hello Cecile! It is usually a group tour where you go with others but have free time of your own. If you guys are the only people who go on that date, it could possibly be just the 7 of you! 🙂

    1. Thanks will book in a while. Can i have query regarding our lunch? Do nami or petite france have restaurants where can we take our lunch? Thanks again

      Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thanks for ur reply. Will book tonight. Ill check which date will going to book. May we know the transportation please? Is this for the 7 of us only or group tour? Thanks

      Sent from my iPhone


    1. Can i still purchase nami petite france and rail bike for march 22? When can i get our voucher?

      Sent from my iPhone


  8. How much for 5 pax? One is senior , any additional discount? I’ve read in one of the travel blogs if you get 4 tickets , one is free, is this true? Nearest pick up station near Sichon area?

    1. Hi there. we don’t have separate tickets for the senior. Because we already offer at a discounted price, there is no extra free deal for this package. The price is $36 per person until the end of march.
      The nearest pick up location for you is Hongdae (Hongik Univ) station! 🙂

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