Popular Weekend Getaways Near Seoul: Nami Island & Petite France

Every season is a fabulous time for adventure when it comes to 2 popular travel destinations near Seoul, Nami Island and Petite France.

So, with your beloved ones go on an excursion to these wonderful places during the weekend! It takes around an hour and a half by drive from Seoul. 😉

1. Nami Island

남이섬 (76)Situated 63 km from Seoul in the middle of the North Han River appears the Nami Island, or Namisum (Namiseom), which resembles a half-moon in shape. 남이섬 (3)Best known as a filming location of the popular K-drama ‘Winter Sonata,’ you can understand why this island was chosen for the setting, right? 🙂남이섬(1)See how beautiful the island is in winter. It’s truly a winter wonderland!

Not just in the winter, but also every season offers a reason to visit Nami Island.

Along with its beautiful natural scenery that changes in colors by season, Nami Island also provides various cultural facilities and leisure activities that anybody can enjoy.남이섬 (73)So, when you’re in Nami Island, either rent a bicycle or a cart. They are the best way to enjoy the nature of the island to the fullest! 😉

For more information on Nami Island, click here.allowto_freedownload_landscape_1470Near Nami Island, there are various attractions and activities including Gangchon Rail Bike, the Garden of Morning Calm, Elysian Ski Resort and a strawberry-picking experience at a local farm.

2. Petite France

쁘띠프랑스 (15)Near Seoul, in Gapyeong, there’s a charming little French theme cultural village called Petite France, where you can spend a great time taking photos, watch marionette and puppet performances and many more!

This place is also well known as the filming location of popular Korean dramas: ‘Beethoven Virus (2008)’, ‘Secret Garden (2011)’ and ‘My Love from the Stars (2014)’. Plus, a popular Korean entertainment show called ‘Running Man’ was also filmed here.

From Orgel House, European Doll House, Marionette Museum, Antiques Museum, to Traditional French House, there are plenty of exhibitions halls and facilities where you can feel and explore the culture of France!

In Petite France, you may want to drop by the ‘Saint-Exupery Memorial Hall’. This is where you can appreciate the works of Saint-Exupery, a French author who wrote “Petite Prince” and “Night Flight”.

쁘띠프랑스 (8)Boasting beautiful scenes all year round, you are guaranteed to have a fabulous time anytime you visit Petite France.
쁘띠프랑스 (14)During the winter season, you will be able to see the starry lights all around the place! So, take your other half to Petite France this weekend, it’ll be absolutely romantic! 😉marionette_4.jpgOther attractions in Petite France include Guignol Puppet Performance, Marionette Performance, Orgel Demonstration & Explanation, Supernatural Power Time of Do Minjun, and Street Musician.photo_1There are also various cultural experience programs you may want to try: Plaster Art & Powder Painting, Stamp Event, Petite Photo Zone, Traditional French Games, Caricature, Petite Cloche, and Instant Digital Oil Painting. For details, click here.

How to get to Nami Island and Petite France

As there are no direct subway or bus connections from Seoul, the easiest way for first-time visitors and travelers to visit both Nami Island and Petite France is by signing up for a tour. nami-petite-one-day.jpgWithout having to worry about transportation, this one-day tour can make your journey very convenient and hassle-free. For more information or to sign up, click here.

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