Getting around Jeju Island in South Korea – Public Transportation & Transport Info

Jeju Island is a beautiful island, but it’s not easy to get around because there is no subway or train. Especially if this is your first-time travel to Jeju Island, you will feel lost and struggle for sure.

So take a look at this basic guide to getting around Jeju Island by public transportation before you go!

How to get around Jeju island?

In Jeju Island, there are various types of transportation options- bus, taxi, car, motorcycle/scooters and bikes– and each type offers its own unique travel experiences.

Buses and taxis are the two main public transportation in Jeju Island and are commonly used by the travelers. There is NO train nor subway system on Jeju Island.

1. By Bus

In Jeju Island, there are inner (intra-city) and outer (intercity) city buses and Airport Limousine Bus and these buses cover almost all of Jeju Island.

Taking these are the most economical way to get around the island. However, you do have to go through an inconvenience like long intervals that can be time-consuming.

All buses accept cash or Seoul’s T-money transit card, but we recommend using the T-money card for the fare because you can transfer twice within 60 mins, each within 30 mins, for free (you will be able to save some money!).

A. Intra-city Bus & Low floor Bus

Intra-city buses run only within Jeju City and Seogwipo City. Since intra-city bus stops at all bus stops, the interval is usually around 30 mins to 1 hour, which means you have to wait a long time for the next bus. This is the reason why they are more likely used by local residents than travelers.

However, if you do take this bus, the flat fare costs 1,200 won for all destinations and the fare for middle/high school students is 900 won and for elementary school students and younger is 400 won.

Following are the intra-city bus routes and their major stops:

  • 10 (Jeju Nat’l Univ(JNU)-Gwangyang-Hamdeok)
  • 92 (Jeju High School-DaeU Daerim Apt.-Int’l Port)
  • 100 (Halla College-Bus Terminal-Jungangro-Samyang1dong)
  • 500 (Halla College-Jungang Rotary-JNU)
  • 502 (Halla College-Jeju Bus Terminal-JNU(Wolpyeong))
  • 300 (Halla Arboretum-Airport-Terminal-Airport-Halla Arboretum)

You can also find low-floor buses in Jeju Island, which operate in Jeju City and Seogwipo City only. These buses have no steps between one or more entrance and are to minimize inconvenience for the weak and elderly for the elderly and people with disabilities (in wheelchairs for example).

B. Intercity Bus

Intercity buses run between the intercity bus terminals of Jeju city and Seogwipo via numbers of different routes and they stop at several bus stops including major tourist attractions (but not at every stop like the intra-city bus does).

The base fare is 1,300 KRW and is surcharged by distance. The intervals are around 20 mins, so for travelers and tourists, taking the intercity bus is a better option.jeju-island-transportation-1Route #701 runs every 20 mins (Jeju – Sehwa – Sungsan – Seogwi) – for looking around east Jejujeju-island-transportation-3Route #702 runs every 20 mins (Jeju – Hallim – Daejung – Seogwipo) – for looking around west Jejujeju-island-transportation-4Route #780 runs every 10~15 mins (Jeju – Sungpanak – Seogwi – World cup stadium – Jungmun – Jeju) – circulates Jeju island in a circle

C. Airport Limousine Bus (No. 600)


Photo courtesy of Visit Jeju

The No. 600 Airport Limousine circulates between the Jeju International Airport, Jungmun Complex and Seogwipo every 18~20 minutes, and makes its final stop at the Seogwipo KAL Hotel. The whole route takes about 80 mins.


■ Route

Jeju Intl. Airport → Jeju Sun Hotel → Grace Hotel → Jungmun Tourist Complex·Yeomiji Botanical Garden Entrance  → Kensington Jeju Hotel → Hyatt Regency Jeju → The Shilla Hotel → The Suites Hotel → Hotel Hana → Lotte Hotel → HANKOOK Condominium → JEJU TOURISM ORGANIZATION→ Seas Hotel & Resort → Jeju Intl. Convention Center (ICC)·Jungmun Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliffs → Daepo Port → Yakcheonsa → Wolpyeong Village → Gangjeong Nonghyup → Kensington Resort Akgeuncheon → Seogeondo →Jeju World Cup Stadium → New Kyungnam Hotel → Seogwipo Wharf →Seobok Exhibition Hall → Paradise Hotel Entrance → Seogwipo KAL Hotel

Turnaround Time

  • Airport~Jungmun Tourism Complex: 50 mins
  • Airport~Seogwipo KAL Hotel: 80 mins

Bus Fare and Timetable

  • Jeju International Airport: First Bus – 06:20, Last Bus – 22:00 (18~20 min intervals)
  • Seogwipo New Kyungnam Hotel: First Bus – 06:20, Last Bus – 21:50
  • Late-night Limousine Bus departs from Jeju International Airport (in front of Gate 5) at 22:50.
  • Airport~Yeomiji Botanical Garden Entrance:  4,500 won
  • Airport~Gangjeong, Punglim, Jeju World Cup Stadium: 5,000 won
  • Airport~Seogwipo New Kyungnam Hotel, Seogwipo KAL Hotel: 5,500 won

For middle/high school students the bus fare costs 20% off the regular fare and 50% off the regular fare for elementary school students.

※You can purchases the ticket at the airport stands, Sinjeju ticket office, and the New Kyungnam Hotel ticket office.

Still confused? Here are 2 options that will save you from hassle!

A. Jeju Island Golden City Tour Bus

jeju-island-transportation-4In Jeju Island, there is Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour Bus called Jeju Island Golden City Tour Bus that is designed for travelers to hop on and off all day at Jeju Island’s best sights and destinations. The city tour bus runs from 8:00 am to 8:50 pm. See the map of Jeju Golden Bus City Tour route here.jeju-golden-city-tour-busThe advantage of this transport is that you can visit the attractions you want to see and customize your itinerary of your choice. It’s a simple and yet convenient way to travel around the island at a reasonable price. To buy a one-day pass, click here.

B. Jeju 1 Day Bus Tour

jeju-1day-bus-package-2Another great option for travelers to Jeju is Jeju 1 Day Bus Tour, which provides 3 great tour loops, all of which take you to the best attractions and the highlights of Jeju Island. To book the tour, click here.

2. By taxi

If the bus system in Jeju is too complicated and you don’t have international driver’s license, the alternative option is taking a taxi.jeju-island-transportation-6Taking a taxi on the middle of the road in Jeju Island can be frustrating and tiresome, so our advice is to call a taxi (1,000 KRW but it’s better to ask the fee when calling a taxi) or hire a taxi for a day.

Hiring a taxi is definitely recommended to those who are looking for a convenient and comfortable ride throughout the day and a personalized, free and easy tour. Book Jeju Taxi online here.

3. By car

jeju-island-transportation-2For those who have an international driver’s license, renting a car is the best option to look around the island’s major attractions and natural landscape. It allows you to reach destinations in Jeju Island that are difficult to reach by using public transportation.jeju-car-rentalCar rental service for Jeju Island is available here.

4. By Motorcycle or Scooter

Want some thrills and speed? For those who have international driver’s license, taking a ride on a motorcycle or scooter is a great option to get around Jeju Island. You can find several motorcycle/scooter rental shops especially around the Jeju International Airport.

5. By Bike

Cycling along the breathtaking coastal roads or in lush natural parks and forests sure is a great way to explore the authentic beauty of Jeju Island.jeju-bike-rentalIf you don’t have international driver’s license, renting a bike can be an alternative and it’s highly recommended to couples and solo travelers. It you want to rent a bike, click here.

Browse our collection of the best transport deals for Jeju Island. Choose the right one according to your travel group!

If you are planning a trip to Jeju Island with your family or in a group of friends or travel buddies, travel well by taking these options into consideration before you go.😉

A. Hire a Private Driver & Van

jeju-private-driver-vanThis can be a perfect option for those who want to travel around Jeju Island without a hassle with your family or friends as a small private group, which can accommodate from 2 to 8 people. This option is highly recommended for a family with kids!jeju-airport-transfer-taxiYou can freely write a list of destinations you want to visit and give it to the agency who will then customize your itinerary and help you can get around the island in a more time-saving way. Booking is available here.

If your group only needs a transportation that provides a pick-up service from Jeju Aiport to your desired destination, check out our private van or mini bus transfer service here.

B. Join a Small Group Van Tour

Similar to the private van tour, a small group van tour can be another great option for a group of travelers and tourists from 2 to 9 people.jeju-small-group-tourIt is more affordable and inexpensive since the tour is not private (meaning that other groups of travelers can join the tour). The itinerary for the tour is already planned out, so if you don’t want to go through the hassle, you should join this tour. Booking is available here.

For those of you who want to travel with your buddies to Jeju Island and return to Seoul in one day, check out our new deal below!jeju-seoul-1dayFind this travel guide helpful? Now, it’s time to discover and explore must-try activities and adventures you can enjoy in Jeju Island. Check out, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, right now!button_main

32 thoughts on “Getting around Jeju Island in South Korea – Public Transportation & Transport Info”

  1. Hello, your post is very helpful! We will be arriving at Jeju International Airpot at 22:00, so I was wondering how to get to Seogwipo, I searched the Internet, but I only found out that the last shuttle bus departs from the airport at 22:00, but in your post I read that there is a late-night Limousine Bus that departs from Jeju International Airport at 22:50. Is this information still true and up to date? Will we be able to catch it? If you could confirm this information, we would really appreciate it! Thanks!

    1. Hello Anita! Yes, the late-night limousine bus No. 600 departs at 22:25pm and 22:50pm. But we strongly advise you to go to the bus stop at the airport before the last time departure and check the timetable again just to make sure.:)

  2. Hello, Is it possible to book a taxi to get a group of 3 people from Seogwipo Port to Jeju Airport? We need to be at the airport at 7AM, so there is no bus, that can get us there :(.

    Thanks for reply

    1. Hello Lukas! Regarding the airport transfer service in Jeju Island, only a van and a mini bus are available on our website, but please the service operates from 8:00am. Instead, we recommend you to grab a taxi from your accommodation on the day, which will be easier and more affordable. We hope everything works out for you! 🙂

      1. Thank you, It will do. I just wasn´t sure, if there is any taxi in Seogwipo, that can take us to the Airport.

  3. Hello, We are a family of 5 adult + 1 infant planning to visit jeju in June for 4days 3 nights. Do you recommend us to rent a car or just go for public transport? We plan to visit hello kitty island and teseum safari museum. Beside this, which is the most convenient place to stay if we plan to travel by public transport.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi, if you are a family of 6, we highly recommend you to rent a car or make a reservation for Jeju Taxi Tour, which is one of the popular tours on Since most of the popular attractions are located relatively far away from each other, Jeju Taxi Tour can help you make the most of your trip by traveling on your personalized itinerary. If you are interested, please check out this link for more information:
      We do not offer a booking service for accommodation in Jeju Island but if you are looking for hotels located in downtown Jeju City, please refer to our suggestions below:
      1) Hotel Leo
      2) Shilla Stay Jeju
      3) Ocean Suites

  4. Hello gotrazy, I was wondering if it is better to go on a guided one day tour for 2 pax or would it be better if we were to travel around by ourselves? i saw the opinions for your guided one day tour and noticed that it was split into different courses, and there are places which we would like to see in both the courses but we are only there for about 1 and a half day, so we can only picked either one of the courses if we were to join your tour.

    1. Hello Olivia! Unless you rent a car and self-drive, it will be difficult for the two of you to get around the island so we recommend you to join the guided one-day tours as they provide you a transportation, which will make your trip very convenient and hassle-free. Since the one-day tours follow a fixed itinerary, it will be hard for you to visit all the places you want in one day. But if you would like to arrange a customized tour, we recommend you to check out Jeju Taxi Tour from this link: Hope this helps!

  5. Hello! I am planning to visit Jeju in April this year with my family (5pax) and I was looking at the rates for hiring a private driver with a van at USD210. Is the price for 1 pax or for the hire of the van and driver?

    1. Jeju Golden Tour Bus can be a great option if you are traveling alone and save money. But if you are traveling in a group, booking a taxi tour or a private van or renting a car is recommended. 🙂

  6. Sorry I had another question. Im from the States and we’re trying to find tickets to fly to Jeju. Is it cheaper to buy tickets when we arrive in Korea, or should we buy our tickets online?

  7. Hi, How can I find out If i want to make a return trip from a place of interest (e.g. Jeongbang Falls) back to my hotel in Jeju City? I understand that for the trip to Jeongbang Falls, I have to take a bus from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal to the destination, then take a taxi. How about my return trip? Do I take a taxi back to Dongmun Rotary?Then, take the bus at the opposite stop where I alighted toward Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal and then take a bus back to my hotel?

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